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L.A.B. – In The Air

New Zealand’s L.A.B. sends us off a journey again with their 3rd album, ‘L​.​A​.​B. III’. Grooves make what L.A.B. they are an engrossing prospect for your day to day. A hard day’s end means the rise of L.A.B.’s intrinsic and classic vibes and motown revelry. The fabulously popular band keeps perspectives of the world as simple as possible. The future is here and now, as you walk towards the horizon. It’s you. It’s now. It’s never about what ‘had been’. Another chance to move forward. Another chance to move larger and in love. That’s the vibe of ‘In The Air’, and you just can’t deny it. Get into the feelz of L.A.B. as you dig deep into their latest album. The band consists of: Brad Kora (Drums), Stu Kora (Guitar/Keys), Joel Shadbolt (Guitar), Ara Adams-Tamatea (Bass), and Miharo Gregory (Keys). See them next @ The Boiler Room, Whakatane, New Zealand on December 20th.

Jodorowsky – Hazy

It’s an exercise in prosperity and incandescent nu-grunge gripping damnation. The sultry vocals, inhibit with the altercations in the instrumentals, both new-wave and alt-electro. The gangly string of intuitions, gallop into play as the feature of something maybe larger than the project. The supple transitions and harsher return to the initial bass line, really are the equivalent of sweet and sour. It’s the taste of salt and sugar. It’s the taste of Jodorowsky. Certainly distinct, but absolutely more familiar for your sensibilities than you’d ever thought imaginable.

Banned Society – Slowly becoming myself

We are Banned Society. Recently we released our new LP ‘i was stupid, now i’m not’. We worked a lot on the album and put a lot of effort into it. banned society is a creative collective of soulmates creating music. And in ‘Slowly becoming myself’, the combination of vocals, dance delightfully in this textured ol’ school r&b/soul method that is bright and shimmering, throughout. The contest of this and that, kiss and dash, without any excuse. And you want more. More and more. The LP, ‘i was stupid, now i’m not’, is a summation for the collective, tackling genres that are never main-stream, but alternative of significance and poignancy. Stories in the songs deliver with tactile acceptance, and favors the bold when it comes to each listener. But you can see the feelz, hear it then never be able to discard. The resounding utterance of thought and expressions come in full artistic hues as the group recites their description of space and time.


Wondering through this world, you can come up to a soul and person, just like Zach Katz. An enigma unto himself, the artist with the antithetically vibrant musical aesthetic, the proud papa of songs like ‘UNFILTERED AND HONEST PROCLAMATION OF STATEMENTS THAT WILL COMPROMISE YOUR SOUL’, never can keep in the down-low. That’s because he’s all about the goodness and future vibes. The alternate drums and acceptance of what he can provide, comes with the package and you can’t return that vibe. Zach said that this song is “about how society demands you write a song that bares your soul, and how it’s impossible to tell if someone is being honest in their vulnerability or not.” And moreover, it’s about that ‘confusion’ of being able to ‘trust’. Because we’re human animals and ‘trust’ helps us feel ‘safe’ in our beds at night. “Will he be there for me in the darkest days?” “Will she ever be the one to call on through thick and thin?” “Will he ever share his kit-kat bar with me in class, ever again, without giving me that look?” Life’s mysteries, indeed. At least we have Zach to clear things up a bit more. Zach’s YouTube is as odd. His art sales is ‘Twitter-ific’.

The Dirty Nil – Christmas At My House

“Let’s be honest folks; unless DMX is singing it, we don’t need to hear ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ again,” said Luke Bentham, enthusiastically. “Let’s do away with some of these old and tired tunes and instead, celebrate Yuletide with a proper stomper. We proudly present: ‘Christmas At My House’. Crank it up and let the eggnog flow, hail baby Jesus as well as the manufacturers of mid-to-low quality libations. Happy holidays, friends.” Whoa. Can the king of Christmas music be just put to the side?? TBH, The Dirty Nil does have a point no? Anywho. At least for us here at CHF, we’re all for diversity. For, 99% of Christmas music that are somewhat adhering to the traditional music of old, are a bit too sweet. Though, ‘Christmas at my house’ won’t be welcomed by your favorite Aunt, it sure will bother the family’s dog to behave near the food. LOL. Fun, no doubt.


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