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FIVE // la lune : Audrey Mae : Bor Luos : Alaena : Josh Naujokas

la lune / Photo: Ed Fair

la lune – holding onto u

The 20 year-old, London-born singer/songwriter and producer has been releasing music with a DIY ethos since she was 18, and has gradually been accumulating the support of her loyal listeners, as well as the likes of BBC Introducing and NME. And from the first note she supplies, it’s apparent right away of the excellence. One of her missions, through her chosen art, “is using obscurity to ‘protest’ against the over-sexualisation of women in music, stating that her music should be listened to and judged at ‘face value’.” With anonymity and virtual leverage of public awareness, the gradient of tones, dance delicately in your sense of taste and grandeur with ‘holding onto u’. As part of your body shiver in surprise, your soul dances. Even if it’s just in your heart and mind. You long for the same, glint of affection, as la lune’s vocals offer. Hope we all can get there. See her next @ 229 The Venue, London January 10th.

Audrey Mae – Jeffrey

“‘Jeffrey’ was written at a point in a past relationship where I knew the relationship itself was only going downhill. I felt worthless and extremely emotionally unstable, self esteem was down the toilet. This song helped unleash a fiery part of my soul, and in turn ‘Jeffrey’ was born.” And quite a birth it was. The inquisitive mind and active imagination of Adrey Mae’s song writing is palpably futuristic, and cinematic. A romp in her emotions, is a death sentence in the penitentiary of grim happiness. ‘Jeffrey’ is a song of acceptance. And when the heroine of the song, becomes consumed with and indelible reticence for an introspective analysis, the relationship, the man, the concept of love, was not in the cards. The ex – a machine of teeth where love died – was an island of pain and suffering, Audrey had to over-come. She did. Now she enjoys seeing your eyes widen with surprise, when listening to her fabulous single. Word. Audrey is the gal with the sass. And you love it.

Bor Luos – Blurry Lines

Breaking the cycle of hearts broken. The invitation to cross and try anew, is ‘Blurry Lines’ infatuations in lust and the unexpected. Rob Soul delivers in this sultry ballad, gradient hues, uncertified affections, and feelings of remorse. An introspective POV, a question of taught angst is laid down on the ground for her eyes to gaze. His eyes to reflect. And then the message disappears as if it didn’t matter any longer. Will there be a future? Will there be hands held, and new embrace of understanding, in the fray? Lovely single, indeed.

Alaena – Hell Girl

Alt-Pop artist Alaena released the song ‘Hell Girl’. The song was co-written and produced with AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perrys’ son, Roman Perry, and mastered by Multi-Platinum Mastering Engineer Alex DeYoung (BTS, Jessie Reyez). The thorough mix of rock and pop, grains into the fold of interests of soul and beats. Listening to this single will cost you. The principal of your emotional investment, is nostalgic and visionary. The excitement and the pomp & circumstance of ‘Hell Girl’ is refreshing and never seems to back down from a fight. Danceable and recognizable, the vibrant audacity of the song, heightened by Alaena’s vocal teasing, delights with amplitude and designed grind. Ex, Winds of Plague Keyboardist, and now AWAL’s new Alt Pop artist “ALAENA” (fka Alana Potocnik) is prepared to make a statement this year. Her voice throws an innocently eerie spin on the industrialized alt-pop tracks, backed up by her female guitarist and live drummer. Alaena exclaimed: “Hope this song gets you ready to kick ass this weekend. F the nay sayers, F the controllers, F the people who don’t believe in change! Never underestimate an underdog, their fire is NOT something to mess with!” Word.

Josh Naujokas – Organ Donor

“The story is about someone who was already dealing with a troubled life style and was looking for a better opportunity,” said Josh. “Out of nowhere, her life was put on the line in an attempted robbery. The protagonist is not afraid of what is about to happen and stands her ground. Now she seeks revenge.” Over the top? Dramatic? Heck no! Josh has it right with the complexity and viability of this heroine, and the actions to come. A story of balancing deft angst with a mission for a cause, ‘Organ Donor’ is a fantasy novel, rolled up into a neat and salient package of lyrics. Fun stuff, indeed.


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