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Los Jardines de Bruselas

Los Jardines de Bruselas – Tus Dias

“This is a song about time passing by and getting older. As the chorus states: “This may be your last life, take advantage of the time that is ending”. I’ve written, recorded, mixed and mastered the song all by myself at home. The lyrics are in Spanish, but even if you don’t understand what it says, I feel the overall sentiment gets transmitted just through the music.” Los Jardines de Bruselas is Ezequiel de la Parra’s one-man-bedroom-band from Buenos Aires. You can feel the angst. You can feel the un-ending walls closing in, through the vocals of Ezequiel. But far above, you can also feel the silver lining. A vision of what’s wrong, seems to be turning in his favor. Like the vast storms of the Atlantic Ocean, turning away from your small and frail life raft. You’re more confident of survival, as the nature of things, tell you of another chance. You take it. You take the offering and bloom like never before. Word. Kudos. Ezequiel’s music is recorded in his home-studio, in Salzburg (Austria).

Domus x Ljung – Canada

Director Marcus Malmström stated: “I spent some time in Canada a while ago, and felt just like the song sounds. So I wanted to try to capture the feeling I get when I think back on that situation”. The song is from Stockholm based post-kraut duo Domus. And in their upcoming album called ‘Lucid Dreaming’, there exists a dimension of rancor. And in that rancor, ‘Canada’ is the song that delivers with laser eyes and affection as the vocals of Ljung, provide an extraterrestrial vocal shimmer that arrests. The production by the duo producers, Henrik Sunbring and Thobias Eidevald is weightless up against the walls of decadence and replete agnosticism. A song for the song at heart, Ljung, perfectly fits the impending bass line with the beautifully crafted drum fills.

ImButcher – Hypnotized

Vancouver’s ImButcher is a DJ and producer paving his own way as an artist. He offers faultlessly entrancing melodies and ambiances that fuse the better parts of classic EDM with stunning dashes of soul and emotional depth. Whatever the mood, ImButcher’s music is categorically honest and often indicative of genuine personal experiences and feelings. ImButcher’s influences range from classic electronic acts such as Depeche Mode, to contemporary alternative rock acts like Muse – encapsulating creative freedom, but far from defining what it is that such a unique catalog as this really means for modern music. Further check out the fab-ness of ImButcher with his album ‘I’m Alive’.

Grant Nesmith – The Fog

Off of his LP, ‘Between Tides’, Grant’s single ‘The Fog’ is an inter-dimensional slice of life. In the best traditions of Tom Petty and Neil Young, the vibes of the song’s story telling is comforting. The friendly vocals of Grant’s delivery, casts delights of light and the gray, with tints of manic anxiousness to the cause. The Myrtle Beach, South Carolinian devours nuggets of his surroundings, with smiles of acceptance and tropical warmth. And at the end of the day, and in a song like ‘The Fog’, the emissions of those truths, filter out for all the world to hear and breathe. Wonderful, in its simplicity, indeed.

Draag – Ghost Leak

Draag just announced their ‘Clara Luz’ EP, co-produced by Jon Nuñez of Torche, to be released on February 21st. ‘Clara Luz’ follows 2018’s ‘Nontoxic Process’ EP. Draag began as a revival of a compilation of songs musician and songwriter Adrian Acosta recorded on cassette using a karaoke machine dual tape deck when he was 10 years old. Since the reworking of those songs in 2013, the next four years were spent in the isolation of a forgotten LA neighborhood exploring and expanding the project’s identity as a 5-piece. Made of Adrian Acosta, Jessica Huang, Nick Kelley, Ray Montes, and Shane Graham the band exudes delicious anonymity and mystery. Not in physical disguise, but of the audible kind. A mix bag of cultured reticence, heightened by talent, and accented in drapes of fervent rationalism and mystical truculence. The group is continuing to develop what will be their first full length in the coming year. Look for more from their sound.

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