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FIVE // Louis Vann Johnson : E^ST : Lou Murphy : LXCY : Jay-Soul

Louis Vann Johnson

Louis Vann Johnson – Pieces

Fresh off his ‘Big House Tour’, The BRIT alumni Louis Vann Johnson returns with ‘Pieces’, his first self-written, produced and performed release. The South London singer-songwriter has played for European artist Patrice Bart-Williams, performed at Glastonbury, as well as written and performed for various film soundtracks, notably The Hatton Garden Job, Noel Clarke’s ‘Brother Hood’, and Obey. ‘Pieces’, in its simple catchy melodic chorus paired with storytelling lyrical content creates a satisfying duality and dynamic feel to the overall sound and message of the song. Said Louis of ‘Pieces’: “I am deeply connected to my music and sharing it is a big deal. I feel you’re listening to more than just another song you are really listening to me. Which is why I’m so grateful to everyone that shows love and support. I hope that I can share a little light on your days and that my music can be a source of inspiration for something as simple as a positive head nod or a smile.”

E^ST – Flight Path

“‘Flight Path’ is a bittersweet song that tells the story of going from being close and intimate with someone, to being complete strangers,” notes E^ST. “It touches on the odd feeling of being alone again and all the possibilities that come with that.” The ever deep and effervescent style of 21-year-old Australian pop songstress E^ST (Mel Bester) delightfully floats in this latest ensemble of soothing shimmer. The keys driven ambience, is a task of utmost preservations, as Mel delight once more with brilliance like sunshine and in danceable familiarity. With three EPs and a varied collection of singles under her belt, E^ST is writing her own trajectory. Her early career highlights include the global single ‘Life Goes On’ (which earned the attention of Paper, the Evening Standard and the Sunday Times, and featured in triple j’s Hottest 100), the breakout single ‘I Don’t Lack Imagination’ and the bold empowerment anthem ‘Blowjob’, which was praised by Nylon. See Mel next @ NYE on the Hill, Australia December 30th.

Lou Murphy – Sister

Lou Murphy, an artist from London and Paris, delivers her first single “Sister” showcasing her natural vibrato and unique voice. Her debut single ‘Sister’ is, indeed, inspired by her sister. From inspiration and admiration, the springing indie-pop vibes fulfill Lou’s wishes in this subtle and formidable song. With vocals that is darkly rootsy, as it is vibrantly prosaic, Lou offers up something that could be indie-rock but chooses to keep our heads in clarity. We thank Lou for that, for as we were getting flashes of Dolores O’Riordan’s unique vocal habits at some points, the pop orientation kept it cheerful and oh so delicious in its own right. It’s a long road, but Lou’s up for the fight. We feel it. And with talent to boot, who knows what Lou can offer next. Right on.

LXCY – Know

“I wrote this song about 7 months ago and it is about bumping into someone who you really don’t want to have to deal with in that moment. It expresses how much you have changed since you last saw them and that they don’t like the change.” With the wispy conjuring that LXCY (Lucy Forder) shows in her vocals, you just can’t help but try to hear more, and more. A gentle tug and suggestion, drives this harsh song of recompense, denial, and ultimate resolution to the age old problem of relationships. Gets messy sometimes, as we all know. Human relations is a soaked sweater, where, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like the warmth of the hearth isn’t helping any to dry things out. It’s a constant maintenance and sorting of emotions, where notes of jealousy and impromptu aggression, gets in the way of something that shouldn’t. Tragic, indeed. ‘Know’ is ‘no’ in LXCY’s words, and with that, she moves on, as the bookmark of this particular incident is archived in the halls of memory. Because LXCY’s got plans. A little bump, isn’t worth getting frothy about any longer. Look for more.

Jay-Soul – Let It Go

“This song was taken from one of my originals and I had decided to do a dance mix version of it,” said Jay-Soul. “It talks of a past experience relationship, which had its ups and down, as life does in general and wanted to share as an insight to the world that after you fight for who and what you love, and is not reciprocated, you must be determined to make change for the better of one self and of sanity, that the world is your oyster, so one must spread their wings and fly.” Optimism in a classic r&b/soul wrapping. Perfect present for any couple, ain’t it? The 90’s pop r&b comes to the fore in ‘Let It Go’ and it pleases to the touch. Feeling good, yo.


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