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FIVE // Maddisun : 2 a.m. Orchestra : Iris Hill : Interlay : Tony Natalizio


Maddisun – In the End

Maddisun is the solo project of tactile and deliciously unique singer/songwriter Maddison Keiver. The Canadian looks at life normally like most of us, but in parts, the rebounding lights from the reflective core of what life is supposed to be, is seen differently by her. In times of glowing happiness, there’s always a sliver of gray. And in the depths of despair, she sees the funny side of things that maybe we would have passed by, very easily. You can see and hear the contrasts in her lyrics, and how she decides to present them. ‘In The End’ is a continuing thought and pause for that part of her life that she takes in stride. And as she’s always had, and always will, she thrusts her chest out with vigor and gumption, to take on what the world has to offer her this moment. A ‘shitty breakup’ song that is a summary conclusion on her emotions, after the fact, the attitude of Maddisun, comes out with subtle but steely decadence. Oh well. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes life makes her day. But in the infinite wisdom of Maddisun, all of those vibes are welcome to fold into her arms. Songs to write and vibes to communicate, yo. Right on Maddisun.

2 a.m. Orchestra – Loveless

David Kelley, Andy Smith, Tim Gittins, and Chris Dawson deliver a classically feeling beauty in ‘Loveless’. The song broods in a beautifully structured vocal exercise that keeps you freed to the notion of vitality plus doubtful trepidation. But ‘Loveless’ is more joyful than anything. It’s emphatic. It’s more glittering than it should. It’s more optimistic than it should attend. All of these conflicting vibes well up easily as the vocals guide you through a land of fantasy and realism, where love and loss is not just a contract for thematic discussions. But it becomes a tactile reverence in heart-ful renderings and personal salvations. A potential of it, at the least. The pomp and circumstance of living and imaginations, deliver with gorgeous rhythms and emotional connection in this single. In the best traditions of early KEANE-like vibes, the flow of colors and hue, is fabulous to listen. The Auckland, New Zealand originating band is ready for you to tune in further. Lovely, indeed.

Iris Hill – Stand Up

Made up of Roy Dylan Assodri, Nati Zvi Twina, Amit Mosberg, and Guy Dekel, the quartet is a sum of charming wisps and darling descriptions of granule emotions. Like dust in a field of sand, the shining wishes of a love and willing, dive into the arms of the risky, and plunge headfirst. Not knowing. Not caring. All enveloping in the actions of a fool hardy, and of someone who is convinced. The end result doesn’t matter, for the means is all that matters to him. Iris Hill is a rock band hailing from Israel. See them next @ The Zone, Tel Aviv, January 23rd, 2020.

Interlay – All Animal

Madison, Wisconsin-based outfit Interlay. Offering up a shoulder to put your head. Your severed head of former. A pumping and heart-wrenching soul, who’d been never able to solicit the right kind of the reciprocation he’d deserved. A rambling coat of syllables and consonants, the bubbling communication deliciously foamed with ample grit and bite. But no one noticed. He’d been ever so ignored. Now, in this year of our vanity, his head is in a skewer of neglect, and of disappointments. All that he’d wanted. All that he’d thought he’d enjoyed. Never more than illusions in a parting sea of assertive pleasures for others. All that he can now feel is the hot scorching cut mark of the axe upon his doomed body of work, and existence. So he lay bare, closing his eyes to the rest. Seeing no more… no more need to wake. This is what ‘All Animal’ gets us to do. It pulls out feels, as Indigo Smith-Oles (guitar), Alex Kaiser (drums), and Alexandria Ortgiesen (vocals and guitar) make sweet, sweet music. Darkness and the gray (and death of soul) never felt so poetic.

Tony Natalizio – Sometimes Not Enough

Yep. It’s the guitar that makes us dig. You can understand. Succinct, tasty, and sharp in contrast – Tony Natalizio’s single is a fabulously subtle blues-rock that is all that and more. With jazzy undertones and jamming excellence, you will bop and get into the best of what this song is all about. Said Tony: “It is about doing what you can even though sometimes it is not enough. You have to keep on pushing to achieve your dream or goal especially when life gets in the way.” Tony is fresh to the Detroit, Michigan music scene. He’s spent the last few years performing in Houston, TX and surrounding areas working with many different bands and artists as well as running his own show. Tony sings and plays guitar in the style of blues, country, rock, top 40/variety, and some jazz. Pushin’ and pushin’, doing the utmost we can to achieve our dreams. That’s Tony’s story, and with ‘Sometimes Not Enough’, he’ll help more and more realize that exact purpose. Detroit and nationwide.


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