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MAITA – Can’t Blame a Kid

The album’s first single, ‘Can’t Blame a Kid’, follows the roots of an old scar back to childhood, when Maria Maita-keppeler found herself as the ‘quiet one’, trapped in the shadow of an overwhelming peer. But like an seed growing to a mighty tree, that kid now writes songs as her ever being transforms with each note, played for her fans. The exalting tinge of excitement is deep within the lines of the song, where trepidation for the angst that was inevitably beseeched within her DNA and the proud moments of growth and new prosperities. MAITA’S debut LP, Best Wishes, was produced by Maria Maita-keppeler and Matthew Zeltzer, and tracked live at the 100-year-old Ok Theatre in Enterprise, Oregon and Room 13 in Portland, Oregon. 2020 tour dates and release details for ‘Best Wishes’ will be announced soon.

KaiL Baxley – Beneath The Bones

Singer-Songwriter KaiL Baxley shares the video to his latest single, “Beneath The Bones.” The video premiered on Atwood Magazine and included an exclusive interview. “Beneath The Bones” is the second track off of his upcoming third LP, out early 2020. Kail said: “I have a great director and cameraman in my friend Ryan Sheehy. We just wanted to execute a simple idea and make it eloquent. The whole video is shot in reverse. When it looks like I’m walking forwards I’m actually walking backward and the film is reversed. Then we wanted to pivot when the digging starts to kinda bring it home with dramatic effect – The whole time you’re watching it feels like there’s something kinda off and then you see the shovel scenes in reverse and the “Ah-ha” moment occurs. Like in real life when you realize ‘I can’t run from this.’” See Kail next @ Furstwurld Gallery / Performing Arts, Joshua Tree California December 11th. “It’s an autobiographical song about learning how to live with regret.The process of moving on and letting go. The acknowledgement that there are no perfect answers and that sometimes what is, is simply what it is because it is.”

Munroe – Wreck Havoc

Kathleen Munroe is Munroe. Hamilton, ON (Canada) born, Munroe now splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles acting (most recently in the critically acclaimed Amazon series Patriot (Berlinale), and FacebookWatch’s Strangers (Sundance, SXSW)), writing and making music. ‘Wreck Havoc’ is a song from a hard day. Emotionally tired, coming back home, when things seemed the troubles of a relationship had disappeared and out of sight, at a moment’s notice it returns like a rush of an oceanic wave. You cry, and cry, with no relation to reality nor act of suppression. The moments that hurt you, never had left fully, and festered inside the deep dark hole of your heart, until the damns broke. A beautifully melancholic vision of one’s moment in time, ‘Wreck Havoc’ digs in to tell that exact and poignant story. Lovely indeed.

Johnny Punish – Kiss Me My Love

“I sang “Kiss Me My Love” to her. Her energy bounced back at the speed of light and hit me soft with a lasting warm kiss and a final goodbye. My LOVE LETTER in song was SENT and RECEIVED!…Written by me from the very personal heart late one starry night as I called out to the universe to speak to my girl whom I will never see again.” Former punk rock lead singer from 90s underground band Twisted Nixon (1996-2002) Johnny Punish is now pushing his artistic boundaries into the 21st century creating diverse music that matters. Since 2000, Punish has produced his own music from his home studio using the latest technologies that allow for expansion of ideas and new directions exploring the tough themes that pop artists have to run from. Johnny’s an artist with a vision for the calling. Dig.

Dante Mazzetti – Breaking in the Sun

Much of what Dante Mazzetti does is storytelling. “Breaking in the Sun (Live)” is no exception to that. It tells the story of a man who has come home from prison to find that he has lost his family. “It’s like staring through a window at something you want but can’t have. Something you can no longer hold. He sees the beautiful life he could have had, but through mistakes, he has become lost.” Mazzetti explained: “People usually fall apart in the rain, but I titled this song “Breaking in the Sun.” I liked the idea of falling apart in the sun because of its strength and ability to warm you and hold you up. This man sitting in the sun with his new found freedom feels trapped, small and cold. He wants what he once perceived as suffocating because of its normality. But now it’s gone and it has broken him.” With vocals that grit and care, story telling of Dante, is for all. You, us, all of us. The world is better when the strums of jangly folk goodness comes your way. It sizzles in the vibe between the now and there. And we can all hug, caress, and like Dante, care about the coming horizon.


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