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FIVE // MASI MASI : Torgeir Waldemar : Louderman : Dusty Winds : Sleep Engine

Masi Masi / Photo: Gian Luca Wagstaff

MASI MASI – Other People

“Other people are better than me” is the self-deprecating cry of front man Joe McGrath in this biting four minutes of brutal self-evaluation. Inspired by such diverse artists as Cage The Elephant, David Bowie and MGMT, MASI MASI have found their own sound that is bold and audacious. Said Joe: “The song is about how we make the mistake of letting toxic, thought controlling people into our lives and refuse to see them for what they are. The song ended up being pieced together after a couple years of different relationships, friendships and disappointments, fluctuating between the realization of what people are doing to you and the semi-pathetic self-pity that comes with it.”

Torgeir Waldemar – Heart and Gold

Norwegian troubadour Torgeir Waldemar will release his new album ‘Love’ through Jansen Records on 17th January. Produced by Anders Møller and Torgeir Waldemar and recorded at Subsonic Society Studios, Oslo, ‘Love’ follows the loud, fuzz-drenched ‘No Offending Borders’ (2017) and his melancholic debut ‘Torgeir Waldemar’ (2014). Inspired by Brian Wilson’s ‘Love and Mercy, Waldemar reflects on the album’s title, “Love is the driving force behind all our actions. But love isn’t necessarily beautiful or pleasant – it contains too much – everything from self-destruction to crimes of passion. See this dynamic singer/songwriter next @ SundreBall 2020. His upcoming album ‘Love’ drops January 17th.

Louderman – been on strange mountains

“This song carries on the theme of my album ‘how to travel through time’,” said Louderman, “documenting the sometimes very surreal places that my life has taken me through the years… often very strange and often on mountains…metaphorical and literal..” Louderman is about taking a journey through time – navigating through the songs of one person’s lifetime – a road trip down the sonic highway of hopes and dreams; navigating the geography of disappointments and unseen diversions all set out as an audio map of songs. In the best traditions of Cat Stevens, Nick Drake, Neil Young, and Elton John, the sultry drift down sentiments deliver with understated lyrical powers.

Dusty Winds – I Got High With Santa Claus

“What if?” and “Who then?” These are some questions that come up when song like Dusty Winds’ ‘I Got High With Santa Claus’ are offered. The boot-scootin’ country fair, is so scrumptious. And even if Christmas has passed for another year, we think the song is relevant, no matter what. Singalong that is fun and ever so inquisitive, the story telling is of classic vibes and line dancing excellence. Yep. Cowboy boots, and gallon hats, are all welcome for the goodness that this single brings. Smile! It’s fun indeed! Chicago alt-country raconteur Dusty Winds drifts where the musical breeze blows him. Kudos.

Sleep Engine – This is What Hope Sounds Like

Sleep Engine is an experimental pop, rock, and electronics reveling project. Based in London and Oxford, it is influenced by artists like Steven Wilson and Radiohead. We’d said prior: “Sleep Engine, decides perfectly into a cast of questions, while not expecting the reciprocation of perfection.” A cause, for effect, and then some. That’s what the clicks of satisfaction delivered by this single vibes – and you just can’t help hearing it. It’s you. In such a big and sweeping way.


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