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MIMRA – Right Where You Belong

MIMRA’s single is a message of both encouragement and acceptance to anyone struggling with mental health, inspired by her loved ones with anxiety & depression. MIMRA is the project of Icelandic songstress, María Magnúsdóttir. And her deliciously beautiful vocals, levitate with purpose, from note to note, in the effort to unwrap mysteries of a heart, a soul, a challenge, a triumph. A deliverance of support and empathy, ‘Right Where you Belong’ casts the demons away, with direct and emblematic kindness and awareness. This single is produced by another fave of ours, ZÖE.

STRØM – Last Try

Swedish artist and producer STRØM offers new single, ‘Last Try’. The new single is only the second-ever from the budding producer, whose debut track as STRØM was born out of sheer coincidence after composing a song for a BMW commercial, which he later finished and released in 2017 as ‘Mesmerize’. Growing up in Värmdö, an island off the coast of Stockholm, the artist takes up arms against the convention, and delivers with a haste of musical mysteries and promises. Deliberate and sexy, the intentions are foremost and collides with the affections of an unencumbered restraint.

Jupiter Winter – Come Back

“It’s dedicated to our friend who was going through a rough breakup and was in that stage of grief over a recently ended relationship where you still have that sliver of hope that maybe things will work out. It was a feeling that we had both been through and deeply empathized with, so we wrote this in honor of her and that moment in time.” Lelia Broussard (a songwriter and singer from Louisiana) and Royce Whittaker (a producer and multi instrumentalist from Vancouver, Canada) team up in this fabulously classic pop endeavor. And when you listen, you’re taken out of context, and you wont’ care. As you flip your hair up and over, as you get up from the desk, you dance with fervor and smiles. The song of positivities is a glance at the rather numerous bumps in the road to permanent love. “You’ll get better. They’re letting go of something very special.” The world is a big place. In the meantime, let’s hold ourselves up and be proud. Charm and delight is where Jupiter Winter thrives.

Just Nathaniel – 1:08 AM

“This is track 5 off of my just-released album ‘Dreams and Nightmares’. Each track marks a specific time of night in the fateful journey through sleep, and explores the emotions that arise in the depths of darkness. I composed, recorded, mixed and produced everything myself. I’m a professional violinist and violist and I also play the guitar, bass, drums, piano and more.” Right off of this decadent concept album the nu-metal/rock induced K-pop tinged excellence is capped off by this visceral talent of JN’s ability to make painting of sounds. The operatic vibe of ‘1:08 AM’ is a kick of that zest, within an album that demonstrates all of Nathaniel’s vibe and instrumental fabulousness. From classic bound notes to modern pop visions, JN kills it in quality of production and gumption.

Yayvo – What You Like

Influenced early by artists like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac, Yayvo zens with attitude in this grifting single of animalistic filth that we all often can relate to. We’re human after all. You, her, all of us. Success at an early age and recognition at the local level, pushed him to expand into farther and wider. With ‘What You Like’, throwing in touches of hiphop razzmatazz and vibrant energies, the dance tune thrives among the grinding hips of a generation. We all know what we like. Don’t deny it.

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