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Mountain Bird / Photo: @aliceakerblom

Mountain Bird – 5 Years

“I felt it had something youthful and cinematically beautiful about it…to realize that you love someone but the timing isn’t right is such a youthful ideal,” said Mountain Bird. And as fluid, the body of work which Mountain Bird has spent 2019 building on his new EP ‘DearBrainLetMeSleep’ (out now). Adam Öhman’s project is a telling tale of one, to fit with another, in a 3 dimensional altercation – of the heart and of confusion. The nose bleeds of uncanny simulations, as the inner foundations of a person and a soul, is destroyed by the new knowledge of what had been. A wall of deception, has to be deconstructed. But where to start? Where to begin? And will you let the heart, of which was part of your life for so long, the freedom of becoming something else? A prison of expectations and versatilities of hierarchies, crumble… rumble… ‘DearBrainLetMeSleep’, with its electronic soundscapes, alluring synth textures and brutally honest lyrics, marks the start of a new chapter for Mountain Bird. Adam is based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

Rletto – Whistle While You Work

“I’m expressing sexual emotions in a song. I’m also very excited to be showing this new risky and freaky side of me in 2020.” Rletto is a singer, songwriter and entertainer from Orlando, Florida, combining the genres of Pop, R&B and EDM. Fantastic fantasms, with offerings of things that keeps you hunting in the nights of passion, Rletto slices in glint of what we all go through in our illustrious lives. Love, lust, satisfaction. Graduating from Berklee college of music in 2018, Rletto has continued to further his career as a performer with plans on moving to Atlanta, GA the start of 2019.

Mike Arling – Never Coming Back

“After many years of writing, many many hours of practicing – never really feeling like I’m good enough – finally I present to you the first of many songs to come.” With humble determination and confidence, now ready for the world to see, Mike Arling’s heartfelt lyrical single ‘Never Coming Back’ turns over the notions of self examination, towards life and relationships, and what it really means to turn the page. Reliability of life, warranted, the clasping of chapters, past – clamor for the remainder of life and unpredictability. Life, as you know it, starts anew.

Travie Austin x Brad Kemp – Body Back (For Me)

It’s a perfect combination of chill and sexy. Brad Kemp (Producer for the band Handsome Naked) brings effervescent production to this track. As she dances in the middle of the floor, you are transfixed and drawn to her moves. The two make eye contact, and her eyes say, come forth. It’s on. The night is young. She digs you. You dig her. There’s no other now visible in the place of potential love and excitement. It has just begun. Travie wants you to be ill with joy as you travel through this life. This slice of happiness.

Ripleyyy – Long Time No See

Ripleyyy is a homemade hip-hop and pop artist from mid-America. His homegrown sound and unique vocal delivery create a signature sound. “Long Time No See displays Ripleyyy’s way of turning a chill idea into something exciting. The combination of hip-hop and extensive vocal effects create a livable soundscape.” The name Ripleyyy comes from a twist on Sigourney Weaver’s character in the Alien films. Chill and devastating. Ripley from the movie, would approve.

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