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Mouse Sucks

Mouse Sucks x Cranklin – Eugene

‘Eugene’ is the first collaborative release between Canadian rapper/singer Mouse Sucks and Brooklyn producer Cranklin. Toronto, Ontario originating artist Mouse Sucks takes us on a brief journey of fascination and intrigue in this latest of his songs. “This all started about a year ago,” said Mouse. “The genius Cranklin and I made this song called ‘Eugene’ the night before Christmas and… Tony G stepped in to mix it and bring it to a whole new level.” The melancholy anti-love song is built off rhythmic tempo switches and subtle use of flutes and keys. Just 30 seconds into the track, it switches to an uptempo hook with multiple layers that leads to a melodic and transient outro. Jammin’.

Koalra – The Wind Buzz

Koalra are an emerging noise punk band based out of Chicago who fuse grotty, distortion-fuelled walls of sound to loose, jumpy rhythms and drearily sincere, lo-fi vocal melodies. The Chicago, Illinois originating band released their debut self-titled album. The quartet makes an impression upon their listeners with charming antics and vibrant arrangements. The oddly ASMR-like distortion delivers with palpable sanity, where you’d not expected it to. A times-10x vibe of electric guitar summaries, in the best traditions of punk and bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the disturbing attitudes and bending anthems within the notes, surge with regular vigor and excitement. Making waves, they say. We sure agree.

Red Queen – Kill Pop Music

In cuisine, there’s that sense of a chef dealing you meals that distinct vibes of texture and balance in spectrums in taste. Red Queen dips right into that realm of layers, offering 80’s and 90’s rock n’ roll, both high hair and low – all the while keeping the pop-rock goodness that fills up decades of nostalgia. Technically and in construction, ‘Kill Pop Music’, in contrast to the title, revives pop music in the way it was in MTV’s early golden days. Fun and accurate, Red Queen gives that Twisted Sister and Motley Crue kind of angst that alters your current sensibilities. Said the Switzerland based band: “With our new album ‘Rock n’ Roll Heart’ (January 18th), we want to give Rock n’ Roll – and hand-made live music – a new impulse, one that faces up to whiny pop songs and DJ culture and spreads positive vibes.” The quintet made up of Lukas Guidali, Roman Zinsli, Marco Senti, Röbi Manetsch, and Ralf Colocci, they want to put their own unique stamp into what a night of fun could be.

ZEDSU – my last song got botted (w/ $EGADOR)

The darkness compels you. ZEDSU compels you. It’s in us all. That insidious velour of the dingy sheen, gripping as the musk of the forest. Lingering, prodding, alluring. The New Jersey native has began to make quite the buzz for himself in the underground hip-hop world. His versatility weighs on the mind of his counterparts, making him an intimidating artist on the rise with one agenda, curing the global epidemic. Dig yourself to the other side. You might not like where you’ll end up, but maybe – just maybe – ‘my last song got botted’ could leave you feeling oddly content.

Austyn Andersyn – Wings of the Dawn

“Recorded on one 12 string guitar & one piece of recording equipment, this song is extremely intrinsic, difficult to perform, and made for the person seeking some form of reverie,” emphasized Austyn. “Recording this song perfectly was near impossible and required technique and skill that I had never had to bring about from my arsenal before… I wanted every note to bleed into one another, to fall over each other like a waterfall, creating a very vibrant and ringing atmosphere… This one was meant to provoke relaxation and reverie, to bring about deep thought and contemplation without any influence of lyrics being sung, thus leaving all interpretation to you.” Sometimes it’s best said by the fingers that laid down the notes. This was one of those moments. Lovely, indeed. Look for even more from the talented artist.

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