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Nation / Photo: Rémy Solomon

Nation – Surface

Imagine our world in a more or less distant future, where the essence of soul music as distilled by the songsmiths of the 70s and 80s would be energized with electro waves, and sprinkled with touches of dreamlike pop. If you can’t quite picture it, we would advise you to carefully listen to Nation. On this second EP, “Jungle Transmission” (2019), “Surface” explores the feelings of loneliness with a gracefully slow tempo, pondering how to navigate one’s relationship to oneself in a world where we are constantly pressured to connect with others. The vocals are locked to a soulful groove, and Guillaume Destot’s high-pitched range seems to sneak playfully into a halo of light. However, the song addresses the subject of the loss of innocence, with a metaphoric plane that crashes on a desert island … Can this hostile place then become a nation, precisely? Is it possible to live with what we have, and especially with what we are ? The answer is not universal, but lurks within each one of us.

SAER – Disruptor

“As 2020 looms, an atmosphere of disruption, both political and environmental, threatens to overwhelm us all. The new single from vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer SAER distills this sense of impending and perhaps inevitable destruction through the microcosm of a love affair. The song’s subjects are lovers, but one of them is a Disruptor. And will their innate destructive tendencies lay this delicate thing to waste?” Born in Birmingham (UK) SAER discovered music through his father’s esoteric record collection, including artists like Maxime Le Forestier and Jake Thackray. SAER released his first two singles earlier this year, the stark ambient electronic Shadows’ produced by David Ezra, followed by stirring and soulful ‘Break’. See SAER @ The Cuban Embassy – Bulls Head, Birmingham December 6th.

J – Scavengers

Scavengers drops second single from the upcoming EP, ‘Flood Road’. Born and raised in Los Angeles, J recorded and performed with a variety of local bands (Morrownow, Eisenflowers, Delicious, Thief Party, Shake That Bear) before venturing out as a solo artist. He released his most recent EP, New Days Coming, in 2019 after spending the final months of 2018 in the studio. The record’s sound spans the emotional spectrum from dark and foreboding to reflective and optimistic. Born and raised in Los Angeles, J recorded and performed with a variety of local bands (Morrownow, Eisenflowers, Delicious, Thief Party, Shake That Bear) before venturing out as a solo artist. Straight on through rock n’ roll comes at a price. And that price is the deliciously pop rock that just oozes with gallantry and 80’s decadence. It’s attractive and foreboding, as you step into the realm of ‘Scavengers’ and see what’s in store. J is the host with the mostest. Look for more from the artist for 2020.

Jenny Kern – Satellite

According to A&R Factory, with her first single Jenny Kern, “the Canadian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter hasn’t failed to amass plenty of attention with the magnetic vocal style and emotively piercing lyricism contained within Slow Burn. And it really isn’t hard to hear the appeal. Written within the melancholy of the candid and poignant lyricism is a generous serving of catharsis which will ensure that long after this track has faded out, the haunting introspective will stay with you.” The lyrical works and presentation has one hand on the pulse of a delightful modern atmosphere, while explaining the banal of being in love and not in love with ample dexterity in kindness and heart-ful admiration. Lovely tone and tone of empathy is beautifully expressed and formulated for those days of days.

hold fire – Home

hold fire is a four-piece band from Columbia, SC formed in the fall of 2016. “Hold fire embodies a sound entirely it’s own and personally meaningful to all involved. We are unapologetically who we are, and our music is whatever it means to you.” Consisting of Thomas Kehr, Michael Malloy, Craig Layton, Nolan Ross, and William Epps, the band delights in the ominous, presenting it with vigilance and thoughtful heft. With traditional folk like vibes just sprinkled above the guarded guitar driven rock frame, the culmination of angst and ambition, comes to a fateful fore in ‘Home’.


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