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Neverkid – When It Comes To You

Catchy chorus vocal hook cutting through bright, 80s-retro synths and an edgy, pulsating bass loop. A tunnel of love for what it may become. A vision for a popular taste for maturation of the inner self-confidence. Neverkid is Shannon O’Brien and said: “Normally I write songs when I’m in a sad or reflective mood, but this song came from a place of intensity and anger and I wanted the music video to exhibit that. Being my first release, I was also pretty keen to make sure it totally reflected me as an artist and a person – so I’m in shorts and a t-shirt and not wearing much make-up. It’s just me, in a trance, putting on a show.” The simple breadth of depth and grace comes off of Shannon’s vocals, as you are uplifted into another atmosphere of shimmer. The qualified effervescence of ‘When It Comes To You’ delivers with pungent dexterity and pop observation. It’s a cool deal. See her next @ The Milk Factory, South Brisbane on December 18th.

Tasha Zoe – Novembers

“When writing Novembers, I was inspired by the emotion of vulnerability that I had felt while on a camping trip that I took with my partner last fall. The song tells the story about feeling the risk of losing yourself and in a sense “melting away” while falling in love, which is a common struggle of romance that most people have experienced. This song explores this emotional contradiction of when your relationship progresses.” Singer and songwriter Tasha Zoe has been charming with her distinct vocals North Florida music scene since 2015. In the summer of 2019, Tasha Zoe packed her bags and moved to Nashville. And just like ‘Novembers’, Tasha’s vision for music is all encompassing and delicate to the touch. Though it feels like the autumn of a coming-of-age 90’s grunge movie, the charm of Tasha and her sensibilities resoundingly flood out of ‘November’, like rain. The move to Nashville is a gamble that, we think, will pan out for her in spades.

Tasman Edge – Long Day

“Long Day is a modern, laid-back Indie-Pop tune with a soft but catchy vibe. The song has been produced by Aubrey Whitfield.” Tasman Edge features collaborations with various talented vocalists and musicians from around the world. Charming and fun, the classic indie-rock / country vibin’ pop single is a glorious single that sneaks up on you as you listen. A hint of mystery as to where it wants to bring you, the song’s variety of sentiments, gives that joy that you needed.

Kalmly – Going Down This Road

“‘Going Down This Road’ is a song about coming to terms with an upsetting phase in your life,” said Kalmly. “Today we’re faced with the constant pressure of being happy 24/7, given how when anything goes amiss, we’re bombarded with pictures of perfect couples, people living seemingly idealistic lifestyles, etc. through social media.” Off of his latest album ‘Evil Intentions’, Kalmly cooly claims an aspect of life and amplifies with deep thought and effort into understanding. Kalmly’s falsetto delivers with keen effervescence and seductive mystery. Kalmly continued about the album: “We take things personally, when they weren’t intended to do harm to us in the first place, hence mistaking miscommunication for ‘Evil Intention’… The individual then does two things: first increase their own self worth, viewing others as incompetent and lesser (e.g. the Individual being the bigger person) and second, victimizing the self through acts of social sacrifice.” Deep, indeed.

Mirage Club – Tropical Z

French trio Mirage Club haven’t said their last this year. Following the critically-acclaimed ‘Communication’ released a few months ago, they now return with a sumptuous sun-soaked single named ‘Tropical Z’, that comes as a foretaste of their upcoming EP. Forego nostalgia; forego your immediate pleasures – racking the tired emotions, hanging on by the tread of emotions, ‘Tropical Z’ wants you to hold on. The project stated: “Music has always offered itself as a window to freedom and satisfaction. It makes time run much faster than it usually does too. In this mixed-up century where evolution tends to overwhelm us, the three of us embarked on a journey towards a Cartesian-driven disco where words become meaningful.” Quite the emphasis in harmony and of decadent bop. May we take your hand to the dance floor?


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