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FIVE // Nicolas Godin : MeMe Detroit : Liam Vincent : Nervous City Nervous Self : oldmanyoung

Nicolas Godin, Cola Boyy

Nicolas Godin x Cola Boyy – The Foundation

Godin said: “Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House #21 was the starting point for this song. Well, at least that’s how I presented the music to its future singer, Cola Boyy. I told him about the project’s architectural origins, explaining that he must let his own personal inspiration run free for the lyrics. I always thought that a concept was always the perfect way to start a record, but then you should soon let the music take over. A good record is one in which the music seizes control pretty fast. I’ve applied this rule to each album I’ve been lucky enough to record, with only one mantra: ‘It’s the music that decides’. This song is the perfect example of this”. Whoa. What a deal. Nicolas’ album ‘CONCRETE AND GLASS’ January 24th, 2020. Mood, glass, shine, future – all come together fearlessly with this collaboration.

MeMe Detroit – Can’t Get You out of My Mind

Scuzzy hooks and pulsating drum beats along with Maria’s raw, impassioned vocals in ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind’ makes it requisite to dive bomb into this song, like hawks. With talons out and ever ready for the fight, you hunt like the huntress of MeMe Detroit. You are on a mission to redraw the foundation of it all. Whatever it takes. Whatever it will be. Maria stated: “Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind is a song about relationship breakups and the heartache that can come with it. 99.9% of us will experience the devastation of heartbreak from relationship break ups at some point in our lives but it can be so empowering and beautiful when you finally break through those dark heavy clouds and come through the other side. This song is dedicated to all the heartbroken souls out there, whether you’ve come through it or are right in the midst of it… right now, this is for you, for us.” See Maria next @ The Flapper, Birmingham UK on December 28th.

Liam Vincent – Vanity Project

This is Liam Vincent’s debut single. A song about the ridiculousness of the HS2 project. “I’m a Folk,Indie, Punk, Singer/Songwriter from the Midlands (UK) and I’m also founder member of the function band Fraudio.” Besides being a musician, from what we can gather is that Liam loves life. Well, life’s ironies and circumstances that just makes things weird and funny. And we guess that goes into that vibe that he’d put into ‘Vanity Project’. A fun and caustic single that just weirdly melds into the folk vibe of the highlands, which brings smiles where you thought there would be. His wit and humor are a packaged deal that you have contend with. His music lives the everyday of his life. His life, breathes nourishment to the willingness of his music. His music, in turn, throws convention out the door, and says, “Let’s f*ckin’ have some good times.” He’s currently in the holiday kick, learning Christmas music, according to his FB posts. A fighter, indeed. Let Liam be your friend. You won’t regret it.

Nervous City Nervous Self – Anthem

Anthem is the newest song of Nervous City Nervous Self and as the title suggest it is songwriter David Josephson ́s personal little manifesto, and declaration of commitment to “this one-man show” that seems to be the predicament of our lives. David Josephson was born and raised in Stockholm, and started off his musical career by declaring: “I shall become Sweden´s Cohen or die!”. Anthem portrays a wandering singer’s delightful doom, and is the third single to be released. A pumping innuendo of sullen vibes and butterfly emotions, the fluttering ambiguities, lust over the salinity of life and opinions that push the edges to its own edges. The palisades call you into being, as the windswept plains, far into the horizon, beckon you call for glory and victory of a personal and radical heart. It’s within reach. Open your eyes.

oldmanyoung Covers ‘The Bargain Store’ by Dolly Parton

This is a reimagined and modern take on a classic mantra of self-love. And Dolly Parton’s single is power. A vibin’ preclusion of here and now, declares the sanctity of the heart that still is strong and viable. A broken heart, will resist the acclamations of the world, and buck the trend. A guaranteed assertion for the grandness of it all – a version of yourself that will make the new relationship with new greens and love. Don’t let the broken heart, be neglected. oldmanyoung’s rendition is resplendent with glorious bejeweling and Dolly would approved. Indeed.


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