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Nova Hall

Nova Hall – Collateral

“I truly believe that deep down most people are fundamentally good,” said Nova Hall. “We don’t ask for much, but we are constantly caught in these geopolitical games infringing upon our freedoms. Leaders justifying military action and hiding behind ideological narratives, proxy wars being fought for oil, and rainforests being destroyed in the name of profit.” Nova Hall has this Chemical Brothers and Trixie Whitley vibe going on with this single, ‘Collateral’. It’s a beautifully gray and dark vision to be had, really. A circumspect vibe that contrast and wanes, as the waves and the mountain passes cloud over with dust and into the dusk. Sinking feelings. Torn apart hearts. A devastation of a certainty that is imminent. Nothing’s ready for the disaster in a relationship. It’s the mark of a paradise that once was. Now forever gone. Or is it? Added Nova: “It seems that it’s always when we are faced with binary choices and ultimatums that we end up making terrible decisions. We forget that there is always a third option. Something that people in power want us to forget about to stay in power. If we really want to create a better world we need to start acting like it, now.” We want more. You’ll want more of Nova.

Flower Vision – Call me Luv

Flower Vision said: “The song, comprised of punchy drums and crispy synths, ponders upon the analogy of a toxic relationship to the fight between a spider and a butterfly…” This floating enigma of a song is a vision of Constantine Chatziviltsos. A delicate flower pedal, that is put aside into that corner of your left breast pocket, is the shining example of that love of all loves. ‘Call Me Luv’s beautifully cast synth, with expressive bass play, manically drives you insane with want and desire. The undulating vocals demand the biggest from your listening psyche and as soon as you do, it promises and executes the very best intentions for your soul. It’s a heart warming vibe, indeed. As Constantine famously said: ““I realised I wasn’t as important as I thought I was. And I wanted to delve into other people’s stories and problems as well, rather than just thinking about myself, and writing about myself. That would be so boring.” Word.

Flophouse jr – Make Believe

“This track originated from a Korg Electribe sequence and slowly grew into a full composition,” stated Flophouse jr. “Going for a bit of a dancier groove direction with a few intertwined musical themes and a fairly intricate, lush vocal arrangement. A simple lyrical theme around the concept of how we choose/ accept our reality in a time when we are bombarded with multiple points of view.” From flowing entourages, in mini-skirts and zoot suit chic, the majisterial magnificence is within the soulful and cosmic vibes of ‘Make Believe’. A casting of substance, in a draping of delicious vocal harmonies set you up for a riveting slow ride. Jazzy and blusy, and everything in between, the delightful single let’s you know where you can have some fun. “Flophouse jr, formed in 2000, is a vehicle for Jon Wood’s songwriting and recording explorations… The latest release,Numbers and Snakes (2019), showcases this stylistic shift while still keeping their DIY “bedroom recording” musical philosophy alive and well.”

ICON the GREAT – Back For More

ICON the GREAT was formed when Big Wave teamed up with long time collaborator and best friend Tripper, to try and create something raw, pure, and most importantly fun. “We both came in with clean slates of our musical pasts and laid down what felt natural and exciting. We crushed a case of Miller Lite’s, talked, hit record and let what happen happen,” Tripper recalled. ‘Back For More’ hits like a big Louisville slugger. “This shit is the two of us and that’s it.” said Big Wave. “We write it, produce it, make the artwork, get our friends to help with videos and pictures, and if you want to come along for the ride then be our guest.” The collaboration certainly worked, as the song, with its gravitating thump and rock n’ rolla hitman vibes, gives you all its got and then takes it back with interest. The nu-metal and rap vibes coordinate to really offer something wild and entertaining.

Jay R. Stephens – Nobody Knows

“I wrote this song when I was going through a dark time in my life,” stated Jay R. Stephens. “The verses talk about the struggle of trying to make sense of how life works, and why things are the way that they are. Then the chorus brings in a feeling of peace and acceptance.” A lawyer by day, singer/songwriter by night, the inspiration for songs of Jay’s heart, comes through with artful and heart-ful empathy and understanding. A gentle ballad like a spring breeze, Jay’s vocals come out to frame what could be and maybe deserve.


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