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Esorabla – Garden of Dreams

There’s a strength that is visceral when Esorabla talks, walks, sings in ‘Garden Of Dreams’. A vitriolic tinge of solipsism elucidates into a vapid madness, as the song of dreams and glitter shakes in wonder. But there’s that convivial but delightful lightness and wonton happiness in ‘Garden of Dreams’ that is evident, as well. You shakes your emotions dry, in the effort to realign your vision of what made you whole. Maybe this. Maybe that. You just don’t know any longer. But it pulls you. It, the song that sits at the pedestal of an empty award, imagined gold, but willed into a celestial promise, unto – you, me, and of us. Delightful and fantastical, ‘Garden of Dreams’, said Esorabla: “is like having a fever dream after watching Alice in Wonderland. Lyrically it can and should be interpreted in various ways, but from the exterior it is about a deity singing of the wonders of her internal world.” Her EP, ‘{G O D}’ is out now.

…obviously – Phones

A song that is “about escaping in your mind to a place you’d rather be.” Dreamscape? Mindscape? Daydreams? Or is it a curt way to depict ambitions? Who knows. We’re all built so differently that it’s hard to begin to examine. But we do. Of ourselves. Of our friends. Of strangers. Then that run into the rabbit hole of possibilities, you might get lost. But you swear that street sign said it was “Your Way”. It did. ‘Phones’ is lo-fi goodness from the voice of dreams within this solo artist. It’s her third, and she’s dang proud of how she’s been able to amplify her thoughts and feelings. Or in this case, the balanced vibes of decadence in imaginations and ‘what it could be’. It’s a song of optimism, in her ….obviously, way. This artist is Bristol made.

JMH – For Now, Eternally

JMH (Jesse Michael Hardman) grew up as a fan of the blues in a working-class community. JMH immersed himself in the discographies of Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Mississippi John Hurt, and many other folk and blues legends. By age 18, he was performing covers of his musical heroes’ songs at local venues. JMH said: “‘For Now, Eternally’ is an internal dialogue. The song captures the mood of a person at a crossroads and needing guidance on which way to go. The faith to push on feeds the narrator‘s wanderlust, but there is also a looming sense of uncertainty about what the future holds. With both arms and breadth of expertise in the best traditions of classic blues rock, JMH thrusts forward with the ghosts of guitar gods of the past, and driving new and evocative innovations from his heart. More and more will be wanted and needed. In 2019, JMH released his first full-band album, ‘Sojourn’, a 21st century blues album. As well as a solo acoustic EP, ‘From the Lightning Storm’ (March 8, 2019).

Dan Lynch – Roam Till We’re Home

Sydney based Dan Lynch, ‘chases’ greater meaning and purpose, vicariously through ‘ordinary’ lives. He deems to make it his focus to offer such glimpses. And with it, he, himself gets to peek inside those lives, while also inspecting the truth of his own character. For he’s a part of this world of atoms and dimensions, his curiosity furrows with grand inquiries and imaginations. It’s just natural. Dan excels admiringly with a Dylan / Springsteen story telling that is earthy and moving, with a tinge of ambiguously melancholic working class vibe that just cling to your ribs. It’s a gentle thrust of attitude, unassuming but ultimately very much aggressive. ‘Roam Till We’re Home’ is an exact look into one of his stories, and the rhythms and harmonies, dance with a raw effervescence in acceptance. Makes sense. For we can’t move on, without acceptance, can we? Dan will release more throughout 2020.

Cosmic Contact – Override the Amygdala

“This song is called ‘Override the Amygdala’ because as humans we often self sabotage ourselves with grief and fear and much of this comes from our Amygdala gland in our brain. We must keep this in mind going forward and when trying times are upon us we must intentionally override the amygdala.” Whoa. Intense, baby. That’s right. Mix of vibes that comes in the best traditions of Pearl Jam, the equating grunge is thick with plaster, as the hardening craft, exists to be pulled and cracked apart by your listening addendum. All mighty in classic hard and metal rock, the individual columns of attack from this single is distinct, riotous, unforgettably entertaining, and just goes like the Energizer Bunny. The sweaty brows and plaid eloquence of the 90’s Seattle vibes just washes over your soul as you’re quite suddenly taken into a realm that you’d not expected. The band is from Miami, Florida, and they can rock your soul. Cosmic Contact is Chryz von Schoettler (Vocals), Robert Andrew Whiting (Bass), and Michael Rodríguez (Drums). Watch out.


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