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Odie Ray

Odie Ray – Summer Break

From LP, ‘Moonlighter’, you are in for a treat when you listen to Odie Ray’s ‘Summer Break’. In the best traditions of pop rockers like Billy Joel and Hall & Oats, the aesthetics of this 70’s tinged single delights every part of your brain functions. There’s nothing you can’t get done when Odie Ray’s vibes are with you day to day. Odie Ray is an American Alternative Rock band formed in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 2018 by cousins David Ertel (vocals, keyboards) and Logan Ertel (vocals, guitars). David and Logan began their musical journey playing in various bands since 2007. What makes this duo unique is that David resides in Indianapolis, Indiana while Logan lives in Tampa, Florida. They have spent the last six years writing most of their songs over the phone. They have recorded their individual parts at both of their own home studios. Their outputs just hits a right spot, every time. Their latest LP ‘Moonlighter’ is available now for your pleasure.

LUC – Lost In Love

She is vocalist, musician, songwriter Kari Kimmel. He is producer, songwriter Joe Corcoran. Together, they are LUC, a futuristic duo from Los Angeles. The duo makes for a continuing and formidable pair of musical fabulousness. Succinct and divorced of any pretense, the two phenomenal song writers/producers, deliver with a mean punch. ‘Lost In Love’ is a retro synth ride down that main highway of your neon dreams. That vibe of uncontested angst, lives up to its name as it reveals itself into the world your pleasing. Multi-faceted and multi-genre artist, LUC, makes it easy to slip into the shimmer of their latest single.

Marco DeLiso – And We Fall

Rub. Rub. Dub. Dub. Free. Your. Mind. And. Body… Did we mention that you should free your expectations for vibes? You should. Then listen to Marco Deliso’s latest. A thesis of crazy and the contrast to benign, the radical song bop of ‘And We Fall’, clearly gets you and then some. Yes. In that niggling way that gets you scratching your head, but somehow, your soul understands what’s up. Sky is up, yo, and you should never forget it. After all, it’s what you breathe everyday. It gives you life. It gives you the opportunity to give. ‘And We Fall’ is like that atmosphere of odd, but true, and ever more appreciative as the air you reside. Let the charm envelope you. Hoping to bring excitement, escapism, empathy and inspiration to listeners around the world, Marco DeLiso unveils the highly anticipated Balance due early 2020.

Martin Leary – Magic Potion

‘Magic Potion’ is “about the struggles of making the next train (or any) home when you start to get a taste for a good night out and time just disappears.” Odd. That happened just a night ago?! The fun and irreverent 90’s vibe single is your ticket to ride. Ride the wave for singalong dance-a-thon evening with your fave folks and friends. And as life has it made out, there are less and less times for your private time, in that public of all spaces. You’re a man and woman of contrasts and weird tastes. But we all can dig missing that last ride home. Well, at least it’s a Friday. Martin’s ‘Magic Potion’ is part of his EP, ‘Fear’, out now.

Kings Ransome – All Tied Up

Kings Ransome’s manifesto for their music is: “To bring back the long-lost spirit of a genre that has become watered down by the mainstream… deliver a lively show with vibrant music that is light on fluff, heavy on grit, and sure to catch your ear.” That’s a tall order. But with ‘All Tied Up’, we get a sense that they are deadly serious about that, and there shouldn’t be anyone in the way. With vibes and style that is reminiscent of bands like Mr. Big, Steve Vai, and Skid Row, the fresh ecstasy comes easily and in ample flows. The exciting live band comes fully equipped with talents, Porter Dowdy, Trey Duncan, Davis Huggins, Matt Malphrus, and Leo Santana. Rock on.


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