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Oh! You Pretty Things

Oh! You Pretty Things – This One’s To You

“This is the second track off of our debut EP, N is for Nostalgia. This one is the one we refer to as the rage one.” Consisting of Callie Wolfe on vocals, Joseph Conde on guitar, and Paul Swanson on bass. Oh! You Pretty Things brings years of various writing, producing, and stage experiences to life using a mix of pop, punk, hardcore, and folky blues styles. “This one’s FOR you”, though it’s only to the barf inducing vibe you give off – nasty and never a taste to get used to. All of the bodily cells, shiver when you enter the room. Eyes roll backwards in disgust, when you talk. We walk a hundred feet away from you, because of your stinkin’ aura. Why do you torture us so? You look at us, and grin. Like nothing’s is the matter. Puke. In this single, with a combination of Callie’s stoic vocals and the tightly wound instruments, the song is a perfect storm of emotions that is attractive and earworm-y. That’s the vibe we get. And we dig, indeed. Odd how parts of life works in art, eh? Word. Rock-it, O!YPT.

Spondifferous – My Hands Have Built a Temple

Spondifferous is a duo made up of Cameron Brig and Tanner Dean. “Our current project, “The Voice Memo Sessions” is an experiment to hopefully help fellow songwriters by sharing the history of our music in the order that it all went down on paper. We’ll be releasing every song we have ever written, good or bad, in a linear order, recorded using just the voice memo app on our phones. We hope this encourages other songwriters to simply release what they write and not feel the need to perfect their art before they document it.” Lovely outcomes follow the works of these two artists. Charming effervescence from the instrumental offerings, mixed with the distinct vocals of the presentation, delights with fabulous vibes and shimmer. The indie-folk vibes is by design, and it is made better with the thoughtfulness of the lyrics from the duo. Their music is like the hug you’d wanted again, for a long, long time. And they’re eager to share them with you, from song to song. Shall we?

Barbarian – Call You

Barbarian’s ‘Call You’ is this sonic fabulousness that crosses rivers in pop and indie-rock, in many ways. Whatever the crossover demarkations, the song is viscerally vibrant, musically salient and oh so delicious for your pallet. The artist has said he’d not want to dilute his works by being signed to a label. But we think he should do otherwise. For ‘Call You’ is a beautifully hooky, and ol’ school pop endeavor that is both Janet Jackson and EDM mixed in with some nuanced concoction that just sells. “I want to make music that feels like how I felt growing up and eating tons of pop and hip hop, metal, electro…” stated Barbarian. “I embark on this trip with an obsession for crafting classy and enjoyable songs, with a very visual feel. I’m based in Europe at the moment, born in Africa.” Barbarian continued: “It’s been a long time coming and it took years of me writing and producing songs that I always felt were somewhat good enough, for me to actually act on it and let an audience judge it. I’m an independent artist, putting my own hard earned dollars in everything I do and setting up my structure to continue putting those dollars.” Looking forward to what Barbarian comes up with next, is an understatement.

Michael G Moore – Fall To Sleep

“This is the second song on the Double A Side release ‘Runaway’,” said Michael G Moore. “Recorded using the ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ piano at Rockfield Studios in Wales, it’s a song i wrote on finding out i was about I have my first child, Hunter (a girl). Theres a sweet contrast between the melodrama of the music and some lyrics, with the simple message “Fall to Sleep’. Thinking that my precious sleep was about to be disrupted. As it turns out, she’s a great sleeper.” The London based artist works with the likes of Chris Neil (Celine Dion, Mike Rutherford), Ed Hill (Faith Hill, Kris Kristofferson) and Mike Philips (Rizzle Kicks, Ellie Goulding). We’re fans of his work, as the recent Song Of The Day recipient, Michael is an expert in pop song construction, and wield his knowledge with depth and efficiency. ‘Fall To Sleep’ keeps the vibes of his works, rollin’. Listen and just enjoy the goodness that Michael brings.

Cosmic Contact – Infinite Stars

With a more gritty hard rock tact, and sound that is gleaning to the vibes of TOOL, the happenin’ glances of harmonic rock-pop comes quick and fast in this irreverent single. This song is the observations about how humans treat each other. The band argues that many times always in a negative light. The song is a ‘call for decency’. The band is from Miami, Florida, and they can rock your soul. Cosmic Contact is Chryz von Schoettler (Vocals), Robert Andrew Whiting (Bass), and Michael Rodríguez (Drums).


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