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Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds – This Island

“This Island is my debut single, an atmospheric and unusual song, influenced by Pink Floyd and Radiohead but focused around the piano, with 3 layered piano parts, rich unexpected harmonies and an unfolding story.” But it all that matters in a song, is how it penetrates a mind – a body – a heart. Paul’s extraordinarily darkened visions is forever longing in ‘This Island’. Arranged to a soft-rock deliverance, the single offers all of the power that the song can muster. Beautifully crafted, like a fine craft of cosmic alternatives, the song flies in the sightline of love and hate and confusion. Kudos Paul. Congrats. Look for more. See Paul next in London @ The Gladstone Arms, January 19th.

Dream Reporter – Just Like Christmas (Low cover)

“I love the original and would play it on repeat to cheer myself up so it was an honor to make this my own. I know xmas isn’t the happiest or even safest time for a lot of ppl and i wanted to make a song that was beautiful and uplifting but which acknowledges this. It’s awful that domestic abuse peaks this time of year, i hope that the ppl who need it can be brave enough to speak out and get help.” Again, “DREAM REPORTER’s voice trembles your inner core, and asks the questions of why and how. You follow in the footsteps of instincts and rapture, as you sully down the path of no-return. The London based artist makes you quiver, as the powerful meditations, chant and chip away what you’d already known.” We’re sticking to that, indeed. Christmas is over for another year. But vibes stay forever.

Harriet Manice – Letter to My Doctor

We’d called Harriet Manice: “Chalice of manic love and vibes, shine off of her deeply replete vocals and folk goodness.” And the New Yorker singer/songwriter continues on that route with her first single in her mini album ‘Weightless’, with ‘Letter to My Doctor’. “I grew up listening to James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Simon & Garfunkel, Jim Croce, and the The Dixie Chicks, as well as Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, so there was always this wonderful combination of folk, country, and pop in my life.” She continued: “While I have been singing my entire life, I am quite new to the music world! This past year, I have had the opportunity to perform at venues such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, Sidewalk Cafe, and Prohibition in New York City, and Jane Pickens Theatre and The Breakers in Newport, RI.” With voice that is folk-tastic, there’s no reason not to be dancing with her single ‘Letter to My Doctor’ on your mind. Now, git!

Space Cadet – Down

“Song about not letting others down.” And of the depths of depression that ensues when such heft of responsibility weighs down on you. Talented and effervescent in arrangements, Space Cadet is a 19 years old from Venice, California, aiming to console and deliver in swaths of feelz. Space Cadet’s got things sorted. School, music, sport, life – looking toward to what he’s got in store as the days move around the sun. ‘Down’ is off of his upcoming EP.

2012 Bid Adieu – Out The Window Part 2

This is the B-Sides Tape to 2012 Bid Adieu’s debut album ‘We Died In 2012: This is Hell’. 2012 Bid Adieu is an inclusive DIY collective of artists spanning every medium, working collectively to empower and fulfill each others’ ideas to their fullest capacity. The band includes: Jordan Clark. Gray Hall. Ambra-Maya Parker. Donovan Duvall. Jachary. Dillon Treacy. Benjamin Katz. Maralisa. Elbows. Lewis Gutierrez. Jeff O’Neal. Prash Thapan. Chris Fonzi. Ali Haridopolos. Eli Moran. Lesly Vasquez, amongst others. Don’t let the crew overwhelm you. When a song like ‘Out The Window Part 2’ delivers such sultry vibes and atmospheric excellence, you won’t care how it got into your rotation. Mixing trap, R&B and soul influences, the band is something else. Out of this world? Maybe. Let’s grab ahold of their musical hands and fly along. 2012 Bid Adieu’s goal is to expand the definition of artist, and change listeners relationships to creating, and their relationship with themselves.


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