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FIVE // Peter Bjorn and John : Joe by the Book : Ben Mitchell : Brake Loose : Grant Carey

Peter Bjorn and John

Peter Bjorn and John – Idiosyncrasy

John said “I think I wanted to write the ultimate love song, a love song that everyone can relate to. Okay, maybe not everybody but definitely some people.” Adding, “When I wrote it, I was listening to a lot of blues from the 20s and 30s so this track shaped itself in to some kind of odd, self aggrandising blues.” Peter Bjorn and John have already announced a North American headline tour with confirmed dates. And you should try to attend. Because, as we think, PB&J are rock stars. Fun, engaging, thoughtful, and always getting your pants to dance with you, even if you skipped that training day for a sugary snack. ‘Idiosyncrasy’ is in the ‘thoughtful’ part of their arsenal of songwriting. And we think it’s just grand. Breathe deep. Let PB&J’s aura envelope you. See their ‘The Endless Dream’ LP drop, March 13th, 2020. Then see them live @ Teragram Ballroom on March 23, Los Angeles.

Joe by the Book – The Rain

“The Rain is inspired by a chapter in the book ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez. It’s about battling adversary and being overcome in equal measure. Grief and hope during tremulous times.” Joe by the Book are a Leeds based outfit pulling influences from Indie Rock and Chicano Soul. With their debut release ‘100 Years’ they explore ego, family relationships, trauma and solitude all with a level of fictional detachment that pulls you into their world. In ‘The Rain’ that scantily clad body of your dreams, dance on your forehead in massage-tastic ecstasy. A dreamy enclave of secret behaviors and desires, rent out the BnB with high mark-up value for the monthly. You smile. Then you dance. You dance again with your forehead wide, and that body…oh that body of her dreams. Oddity brings in the hauntingly brooding aspects. Scratch your head. Just love it.

Ben Mitchell – Right To Know

“Right To Know is our right to know the truth. What’s going on behind the closed doors of the governments we, the people, elect to spend our money, our taxes, on creating a better life for everyone; not on creating a life of more restriction, authoritarian control and fear. Always with the fear.” It’s a political song that is for reminding the masses of what they represent. Australian politics is as political as anywhere else, and Ben Mitchell’s fabulously folk clarity of vocals, giddy-up into your senses with vibrant poignancy while making you bop. The fab singer/songwriter, writes folk, country, blues and indie-pop with a little rock, and gathers beautiful hymns of action and fun. Ben’s latest ‘Slow Is The New Fast’ is out now.

Brake Loose – Through The West

“Through The West” is a song about facing your deepest fears, exposing yourself to them; after that fear itself has no power, it shrinks and vanishes. You are free. It could be any fear, fear of death, oblivion,” emphasized Brake Loose. “The story of the song is set in this idealistic or mystic scenario in which a mysterious motorcycle rider, rides and rides through the desert, towards the west on an endless desert road, facing snakes and the dangers of the road, but most of all, facing his own inner fears and troubled mind.” The grooves are like the howls of Danzig, but ‘Through The West’ comes as a present filled with bluesy calm in chaos. Based in Dublin, Ireland & formed in late 2018, gotta watch them live. Catchy and badass riffs, electrifying guitar solos and an unpredictable frontman. It’s a good thing. In the bridge or interlude of the song, the rider quotes Alexander The Great or Alexander The III of Macedon (a quote which Alexander used on his men before facing battle) by screaming out loud “Conquer your fears and I’ll promise you will conquer death”. You wanna have fun?? You listen and watch Brake Loose. Gritty, rock n’ roll, hard-rock to the core, the classic attention to detail gets you down and dirty. See them next @ Fibber Magees, Dublin December 31st.

Grant Carey x Sandwoman – 101

The completion to the duo single of ‘101/Blur’, the decidedly ambitious production by Grant Carey is extended further. Further into, now, a purple darkness of inner trepidations and dreams. At the middle, Grant’s musical partner in crime, Sandwoman, collectively take you, the listener, on a small but profound journey. Dance, sway, question, and understand that it is over. The relationship had been over for so long. But it didn’t sink in. Not fast enough. “Why was I so dense??” It’s okay, Grant, tells you. “It’s okay”. We’ll get through this together. Grants’ description river through the senses, and as the vibes of grit and posterity, drizzle off of the digital synth mass, you get off of your knees – dusting yourself off of the floor. “Let’s go. We got this.” ‘101’ is the 2nd single from the duo’s upcoming collaborative album ‘Total Wilderness’.


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