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Pop Trash Inc.

Pop Trash Inc. – Energy

Pop Trash Inc. are a mysterious futuristic four-piece band from the Rotterdam area that produce and record their own unique music and visuals. ‘Energy’ is about energy transition, green deal, environment, and on. The 80’s synth and funk influences combined with heavy guitars and modern production, produce a thrusting vibe of danceability that is both brooding and versatile. A collaborative pallet, the band was formed in 2016 has been producing the kind of ol’ school rock infused dance that is vibrant and new, in a format that is nostalgic and dynamic.

Brent Lundell – Just a Perfect Day

Off of ‘You’ve All Let Me Down’, Brent Lundell’s single ‘Just a Perfect Day’ clings to your edge, and knocks you off with evidentiary darkness and irreverence. The sky is up; the earth is down – a sycamore hard attendance of knowledge, you stare at her and she stares at you. A dance of curt salutes, follow a rainy dance in assurance and nonchalant exhibition. “Hi Elizabeth. Hi, Peter” The dance of love and sexual tensions, release without warning. Brent is ‘Uncle Rock’ at its holiest. Vibe it, yo.

dopamine – indubitably

“The song itself isn’t exactly about anything in particular. However the song is derived from what was me convincing my bassist that the tune I was playing was a hit song off the new Oprah mix-tape..” Did it work? Obviously. We’re here and listening to it. “Shhhhh. He doesn’t know it yet. Or at least to the degree that he should – but he is talented.” Don’t let the humbleness (meaning his gumption), get in the way of enjoying this clique of a song. It is harder than you think. It is rambunctious than it should. It is just fab. Arrangement to the class of notes chosen, classifies it to the vibe of jazz, hinted by jasmine, and her perfume. Infectiously deadly.

Shufflepuck – Then Winter Came

“Inspired by The Terminator movie and Heroes TV show, the story for this song is about a girl that travels back in time to save her friend. She has to save her friend to save the world. The girl gets to her friends house and drops a note at their secret hiding spot to warn her.” Hoping it will hold on. The sparkling grace of Shufflepuck’s latest is undeniable. ‘Then Winter Came’ is a beautiful ballad, with magical vocals and bass lines. Shufflepuck started up in the late ’90s as a pet project among a group of friends. “The project never really got serious before almost twenty years later, when we found ourselves discussing our passion for the retrowave scene and decided to reboot our music project.” Should reconsider, quick. More of this talent is needed for the retrowave scene. Never can get enough. Looking for more from the artists from Norway.

The Lizards – Plastic Dream

The Lizards are a psych-garage rock four-piece from Birmingham, formed in 2015, drawing their main influence from the ‘60s (think The Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys and Cream). Radek Kubiszyn, Dan Whitehouse, Liam Radburn, and Harry Shaw make up this band with the mostest, as the rockin’ vibes jolt you to new heights of living and excitement. The release of 2016’s single, ‘Houdini’, blasted the band into the psych scene, receiving backing from BBC Radio 1, BBC West Midlands and Brum Radio. 2019’s single ‘Astroboy’, as Grapevine Birmingham put it: “is a suitably spacey lament about the uncertainty of youth. Imagine the distorted vocals of Wavves, the fidgety psychedelic pomp of King Gizzard and the weed-infused wonder of early MGMT, and you have an irresistible slice of surging rock that will leave you longing for seconds”.


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