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FIVE // R.D.Macnab : Breakfastpool : Susil Sharma : Austin Lindstrom : The Murphs


R.D.Macnab – Testify

R.D.Macnab is just like a foregone spring breeze in his single ‘Testify’. A warm and delicious surfy-pop folk goodness that is a culmination of existence, as a journeyman musician and human being. Small gigs, odd jobs, adoring audiences, and everything in between delivers the palpable texture that helps this song stand on its own two feet. Off of his upcoming debut self titled album (January 1st, 2020), R.D. holds out his hand and helps you up to the ledge to take a look at the view, over the Pacific horizon. With warm breath of the late afternoon sun and with the one you love next to you, the world is at peace and harmoniously perfect. A curtain of thoughts and trepidations melt away, for a moment of introspection to take in account of what blessings you’d come across on this journey. That horizon, surely is a beautiful reward. Indeed. Look for more fabulous stuff from R.D.

Susil Sharma – On The Outside

Susil Sharma plays multiple men, with multiple grooming habits, looking for love via a VHS dating service. As he puts it, “they think they’re hopeless romantics, but really they’re just hopeless.” Hopelessly in love? Hopelessly in lust? What would that be? That answer is open to interpretation in this sustained and maliciously decadent digital shoegaze of a single which sings for your heart’s desire. Interesting and vibrant in its own way, Susil gets at it with subtle crux and deliberate diagnoses. Delicious. Off of his recently released debut solo EP, ‘Inception 2’ (available now), Susil broadens his horizons while taking us with him on a 90s and 80s synth pop slide. Susil was the frontman of disbanded Montreal post-punks band, Heat. But no worries, with items of execution, like ‘On The Outside’, it is evident Susil has plenty of fire to make his audience sizzle. Word. Look for things to heat up as the new year deepens.

Austin Lindstrom Music – Neon Town

Austin Lindstrom Music is a country band based out of Redmond, Oregon. And ain’t that chorus a burst of country fun! Reminds us of our college years, to be honest. Anywho. The line dance inducing vibe, with effervescent guitar thrusts, and boot-scootin’ good times is what ‘Neon Town’ does for you. A pure and delightful glimpse to a less stressful time of your life shows up in your day dreams – even if you’d never been into country music. It’s what it does. It’s what it’s been designed for. Austin and his band works and work hard and stated about ‘Neon Town’: “People usually write about leaving home and venturing out to new places. This song is about how small towns have their own magic and there are plenty of reasons why people decide to make a life-time commitment to them.” Word. With appearances schedule through each month, they aim to please and continue to make you hooch a bit in your Wranglers. Hear this single and his works next @ Ponderosa Lounge & Grill, Portland, OR January 4th. And don’t forget to leave the harsh realities outside of the doors. At least for a moment in time.

Breakfastpool – Sad song abt a mom

Off of his EP ‘Be Fast’, Breakfastpool (aka Jeremy Vanl) keeps things in perspective. Well, until he decides not to, that is. And we understand. It’s really hard when the world seems to be against you. Even your friends, family, co-workers, etc. Nothing seems to work and nothing seems to give you a break. We can relate. You can relate. With mental hashness, you live like a zombie, looking for ‘crumbs’ in this seemingly vapid world. You don’t seem to stand out, and with zero purpose to why you exist in the first place. Mystery, indeed, you think to yourself, as you hurriedly eat that Whopper on your 30 minute lunch break from your day job. Humph. ‘Sad song abt a mom’ is a “about the hard times I went through growing up”, stated Jeremy. With no pomp nor circumstance; ceremonies nor sparklers – Jeremy just, in his own way, takes that page of his life, writes in a song, and turns it. Bitterness remains? Yes. But less so, as the poison of it all subsides with time and much effort from Jeremy. This song is an acceptance, reiterated, for all to bear. And in that way, it makes Jeremy and all of us who can relate, simply better.

The Murphs – Homebound Delirium Blues

American roots. Rockin’ folk. The Murphs come from the land of Atlanta Georgia and is built around the talents of Austin Coleman, Katie Coleman, Cody Marlowe, and Rob D’Angelo. Off of their self-titled full album, this leading single takes you on that classic southern-rock vibe, turns on 60’s psyche, and asks you to jam like the blues. With witty vocals and sumptuous backup vocals to take their songs to a different level, the friends with fab talents do it again with style. In 2017, the four friends came up with the band name after visiting their favorite dive bar; Murphy’s Tavern. Claiming to be regulars of the joint, ‘The Murphs’ were born. Their sound is made up of raw tones, upfront harmonies, and intriguing lyrics rooted in the style of country rock, blues, and folk.


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