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Ralpheene – Care for You Carefully

Ralpheene is an indie rock duo consisting of brothers Michael and Ray Peregrino, based out of El Paso, Tx. And the two rockers makes you want more and more. ‘Car For You Carefully’ is from their latest album ‘Heal The Sick, Raise The Dead’, and the whole of it is a grand experience. Raunchy guitars, rousing drums, insinuatingly warm vocals, all come together to really dole out the righteous vibes that you know you missed. To be frank, they are a hidden gem. Subtle rock that builds and builds as each song goes on. And if you want comparisons, it’s like listening to the same kind of anticipatory waves that a band like MUSE would provide. Your eyes get bigger and your ears perk up as you dance to the particular mix of ol’ school pulp rock n’ roll.

Grand Commander – The Easy Way

“This song is about suffering caused by not being able to escape your demons,” stated Grand Commander, “and facing the cyclical fallout and wishing there was a better way.” Formed in 2018, Grand Commander was spearheaded by Damask after a major turning point in life. While his previous projects gained traction over the years, they didn’t live up to his ideal of forming the perfect supergroup. The result was six newly released singles, plus a forthcoming album titled Now You Face Grand Commander. “The beginning of Grand Commander came from my life kind of falling apart. I connect with the world through music and put my struggles into my songs. I hope that people can relate.” Theatrical and brooding, the angst of it all oozes out with fervor, if you can dig it. Grand Commander is Sam. He’s from Dallas Texas. Word.

Birthh – Yello / Concrete

Rising star Birthh recently built on her cult following in her homeland when she recently shared her new track ‘Supermarkets’. Now she shares the video to new single ‘Yello / Concrete’. “I rolled a couple of joints and made two different beats. I panned one on the left and one on the right, and against all odds it sounded surprisingly nice and organic,” she recalls. Gradually the song took shape, with bass, backing vocals and nuanced details added to the growing production. “When I was done I went out to buy some water and realised it was midnight. I’d worked on the song for fourteen hours non-stop. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m glad it did.” Birthh, whose real name is Alice Bisi, and she was raised in Florence Italy, proclaiming early that she’d be making a mark on the music scene. The 22 year-old singer/songwriter and producer BIRTHH is heading off to newer and even more exciting pastures of mind and soul.

Day & Dream – Hidden Cinema

Day & Dream is an indie-rock, dreampop, shoegaze band from Asheville, North Carolina. When long time musicians and singer/songwriters, Peter Frizzante and Abby Amaya, met in New York City, they fell in love and began collaborating on a new artistic project. Said Peter: “Abby actually said this phrase aloud watching wheel of fortune, the answer ended up being hidden camera, not hidden cinema but the words stuck with her. The song is inspired by my love of the bands, melody’s echo chamber and broadcast, as well as old noir movies, and french things in general. The words are about well kept secrets, and about things that can’t be seen that should be seen.” Oh love. Your cunning births much goodness in the world. ‘Hidden Cinema’ is haunting and shimmering at the same time. And as it drives home with Abby’s vocals, the fog of haze rise and diminish in part and whole. The waves of delicacy, deliver in a pine box of floral ecstasy and self noted mania. The small things that make us who we ultimately become.

JC Stewart – The Wrong Ones

JC Stewart’s music focuses on the essential traits of world class songwriting. Recently named as one of MTV’s Ones To Watch for 2020, JC already has fans falling under his spell. His previous single ‘Pick Up Your Phone’ was selected as Jordan North’s Track of the Week at Radio 1, ‘Bones’ earned support as BBC Introducing’s Track of the Week and there have been plays from Scott Mills and Mollie King. Said JC: “The wrong ones is a song I wrote after a year of failed attempts at finding “the right one”. It’s essentially an account of the different people I came across and at the end wondering if maybe I was the issue the whole time.” ‘The Wrong Ones’ is released alongside another new track, ‘Stay’, which reiterates his ability to pen songs that are direct and universally relatable. JC co-wrote both songs, which were produced by the Grammy-nominated Jonny Coffer.

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