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Sad Mermaid

Sad Mermaid – D o l p h i n T h e r a p y

Katharina Burchin is the soul behind avant-pop project Sad Mermaid. We’d once called her music “drastic malaise, and engrossing radicalism”. And in ‘D o l p h i n T h e r a p y’ that notion gets even deeper and deeper. Sad Mermaid is amazing. It’s amazing because you never know what you’ll get. It’s amazing because the songs grow on you like weeds. It’s amazing because that soulful fulfilled gaze of Katharina, envelope you, while you get sucked in to her musical embrace. Odd and off kilter, as always, the vision of the project stands the test of time. If you’d like a proof of that, we’d recommend you go through Katharina’s discogrphy. The line of songs, depict and surge past walls of judgements and idealisms to bring forth new and fabulous ways to communicate. That beat continues. “The video is based on the idea of the loop as a circle. It was shot as a one-take, going through motions and material and colors that were laid out with the works of Gertrud Grunow. Grunow was a Bauhaus teacher for a while and taught lessons in harmony and balance between body, mind and environment in the 20s / 30s esoteric phase of the school.”

Dawn Chorus – Handwringer

A scourge of the earth. A detriment to life itself. A thought that swirled in his head, as the breaking apart of a, once thought, heaven started to materialize. It felt like a never, never land of compositions, spiked with pain and misgivings. Dawn Chorus said tha ‘Handwringer’ is “a break up song. Contemplates both objectively and subjectively the intensity and irrelevance of our emotions and relationships. Leans into the nihilistic feelings of rejection and regret.” And that’s the spot that we – most of us at least – reside when such personal catastrophes happen. A comatose nonchalance, with glazed mind, heart, and eyes for what is entailed in this sliver of time and space. A shock of magnitude that is un-reformed and un-empathetic. What will you do? What will happen? We’ll wake up the next day. Breathe. Survive. Dawn Chorus bottles the sublime and the secular, through layered melodies, expansive soundscapes, brooding vocals, and dynamic song-telling. Formed in 2018 through the dissolution of 5 years of previous bands, William Fait, Christian Sudweeks, and Christopher Weed

Kristian Harting – Falling

‘Falling’ is the lead single from Kristian Harting’s album ‘The Fumes’ (January 20th, 2020). Kristian is a traveling troubadour from Copenhagen, Denmark. Writing neo-folk and haunted psychedelic pop, Writing beautiful songs and music using what is at hand of gritty, noisy, pretty, dirty, smooth, wonderful sounds. Lovely handling of emotions, with affection and brewing recognition of imperfection, the love tales from Kistian delineate doubtable insinuations of the impending feel. A grasping of hope and dashed by the irrevocable chance, the heart-ful delusions become reality in a world of the fallen angels, doing their best to pick up the pieces.

REYKO – Surrender

Electro-pop act REYKO continue their momentum into the new year, with the new smoldering track ‘Surrender’. REYKO shared: “With ‘Surrender’ we had an ambition to write an ultimate, timeless, peace-making anthem. The song talks about putting your ego down and asking yourself: ‘is it really worth to keep fighting in order to make a point and to be in the right or should we all just chill for a second?’” Soleil and Igor have been re-defining pop music ever since their big entry into this field of dreams with ‘Spinning Over You’. With sultry vocals, backed up by decadent lyrics and unconventional digital arrangements, the duo pops with the best, as well as innovating more than the rest. REYKO are part of the post-streaming generation of artists, who embrace mixing styles such us electro, minimal, indie, dance and trap while always balancing it with pop hooks and melodies. There’s always something new you get with the duo. See them next @ The Waiting Room, London on January 25th.


“My father believed in reincarnation, and I envisioned in this song the circle of life and the order of nature, always being carried forward. As the past and the future blur, what matters most to me is the present moment.” Off of his EP ‘Above Water Winter’, Ananda brings introspective lessons and tidal waves acceptance. A clinging of one soul’s beliefs, and tying it to a most personal inhibitions, a tale of two hearts is brought forth with salient calm. ‘All Over Again’ is a song of a wish, a prayer, a desire, and a charming trial of trying to be focused on the here and now. Before it’s too late. The album was produced by Joseph Chedid, a dear friend, with whom he was free to experiment and stretch himself. A wonderful and unique experience. ‘Above Water’ is set to be released in 2020 following the four seasons. The first part “Winter” is available and will be followed by Spring, Summer and Autumn releases. “A way of carrying on with life when troubling times arise. I recently faced the death of my father with whom I was so close – writing these songs and pulling this album together really kept me going and helped me renew with hope.” Kudos.

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