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Neil McCarty

SARA – Little Nerves

“Little Nerves is about being trapped in the purgatory of another person’s feelings and the intense, drug-like emotion you experience when your own are reciprocated,” said Sara. “Musically, the song uses smooth bass lines and fragmented drumbeats to create a sense of anticipation and confidence. The general mood of a homecoming and desire for relief was also in part inspired by a line from The Great Gatsby: ‘..his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.’” Sara is an upcoming singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Hertfordshire UK. And coming by way of Mozambique, the weight of each word and stylin’, deducts bits of the sadness from the vail of life, as the song sings with the greatest of honesty and mixed emotions. The journey is profound, and as ‘Little Nerves’ make its way through to your cortex, a glimmer of hope, bleeds and sweats, to a new realm of opportunities. It opens the door for you. Slowly. Awaiting. Beckoning. What can be behind that new gate of you, and of possibilities. See the talent that she brings @ Edge Luton, on December 21st.

Shadi G – Mind

With the release of her new single ‘Mind’, it appears that her soulful vocals will pull listeners into another hazy, seductive dreamworld yet again. The singer, songwriter and producer has Persian roots and currently resides in Sweden. Straight after high school she went to London to study music production and in 2016 she released her debut single ‘Lost’, which got her on to some of Sweden’s biggest music playlists. In 2017 she started her own record label, Goldamin Records, from which the second single ‘Where We Go’. From the first sentence, word, and expressions of worth and while – Shadi G glimmers in white gold, and swims in a cast of hues of juxtapositions and rightful grooves. The unalterable vibes of interventions, come with bitter pills of life, but quickly soothed to the touch of the heart by Shadi G’s beautiful vocals. Formidably introspective while being gorgeously beckoning, the vibes of each note fro the mind of Shadi G, criss-crosses the steppes of our frozen hearts – melting then caressing, in crushing sense of love.

Quentyn – Someone New

Dutch Producer and DJ Quentyn has been steadily building a name for himself since he started creating music and producing electronic music back in the day. Quentyn is always eager to develop and discover his own sound. Quentyn is rapidly building his solo project with continuous support from the likes of Hardwell, Don Diablo and Nicky Romero amongst others. Receiving playlist support from Spotify and Martin Garrix from the start, Quentyns’ productions have proven to leave no one unaffected. And although his progressive house roots will always remain a starting point, Quentyn aims to explore more indie and electro sounds in the future: “I’m moving on to experiment with all sorts of different music genres, whilst staying true to the melody”.

Ninety’s Story – Motorway

Ninety’s Story is the moniker of two friends who met in primary school and never parted ways. Inspired by the French 1990’s generation Phoenix, Daft Punk & Air the duo spread a warm, sophisticated and sensual music sunny as their native region; the French Riviera. The duet released their debut EP in 2017 and their single KIKUYU was released on French-Japanese label Kitsuné Musique. Guillaume Adamo and Florian Deyz make up this story telling platform named Ninety’s Story. And as you can feel, the cresting waves of wellness and expectations, wash over your sensibilities with beautifully laid out progressions. With the right amount of payoff and absolution in danceable vision, ‘Motorway’ is another one of their injection of goodness to the musical Universe.


?This song takes you right into the atmosphere of a love gone wrong, and the sobering reality that it’s over. No pleading left, but a honest question of ‘how did we get here?’ and ‘how can you just say goodbye?'” Hylynd is Matthew Kerley. And his influences range from pop icons, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey to rock legends Led Zeppelin, Queen & U2. A rapturous cast of colors introduce themselves as the chorus of his single ‘F.F.T.L.I.W.F.F.’ comes to the fore. A ballad that has all of the worldly and inspirational vestiges of the good, it soars when it builds to the atmosphere. It wades in the arms of the loved one, when within the thick of the confusion. It opens its heart for the inexplicably daunting – shielding the hurt with strength of gumption. Beautiful example of Hylynd’s vocal and pop attentions, this single comes with all of the elements for anyone to absorb. HYLYND, born and raised in North Carolina & later moving to Dallas, TX is a singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist.


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