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SHIVANI – Psycho

“‘Psycho’ unravels the complex emotional terrain of realising that there is another woman, and the turmoil of seeing the small things that have big consequences that shake your world and break your heart.” Ever the conscious writer, SHIVANI has previously said she feels bad for those who get close to her, because the majority end up with a song written about them in some capacity. She added: “I’m not very good at keeping a journal, but my songs seem to do that for me. (Moral of the story – never befriend/date a songwriter)” Dry, upfront, never left to its own devices – the crux of SHIVANI dangerously burns your notifications for what pop is, with anthemic endeavors in unassailable uniqueness and representation for sonic gumption. SHIVANI takes things in stride. She’s always been that through the impressions given through her music. A sponge for the levity of and for life, that sentiment drives her ambitions, exemplifying into a gush of the same vibrant attitude felt in her work. Charmer she is, indeed. Looking for more from this talented vision.

Steven Homme – Forever in my mind

Deconstruction is what Steven Homme’s singles represent. At the core of it all, it solidifies the visionary incumbancy for vibes that are left over from a ice bearing nuclear fallout. ‘Forever in my Mind’ is that solid, untapped, existential crust of emotions from Steven’s to ours. A glowing aspects of colors and hues, personally, sexually, professionally, and internally – shimmer in that all encompassing restitution of art. A hanging fruit of sanctity and revelry, the chugging digital enclave in this single, clashes in a mocking dance for love, loss, and for the evermore. He will never be forgotten. She won’t let that happen. Choice is a powerful thing. Check out the latest collection in Steven’s EP, ‘December’.

Cooler – Gentleman

Cooler wants us to know that: “‘Gentleman’ is about the end of a relationship and the bittersweet confidence you feel as you realize you’re fine with the decision you’ve made to move on.” Cooler is a Buffalo based 3 piece that does indie rock and post-emo, as they’d like. Consisting of married couple Alley Sessanna (vocals/bass) and NIck Sessanna (guitar/vocals), the band has evolved and has went many different directions over the bands four year tenure. But what counts is the slice of time and space within each song. And with ‘Gentleman’, the beautifully constructed 90’s vibin’ coming-of-age stir, delivers decadence and poignancy with ample ease and harmonic dignity. The slight of hand guarantee of this love’s triangle, is laid into with force and guitar strum fabulousness, as the grit of the story telling is more contrast to the melancholic demonism of actual life. Had this been real, monsieur? Does that matter? No. As you travel through the cosmos of ‘Gentleman’ you glint at your own past, and coming future. Is it for real? Cooler thinks you’ll find out soon enough.

Colin Wylie – Something Else

Off of his self-titled LP, Colin Wylie presents ‘Something Else’. Inspired by the mid-90s summer soundtracks of his late teens, Colin Wylie’s self-titled debut is a playful audio collage in the spirit of the albums of that period. A carefree collection for the care-ridden music listener, Colin Wylie’s music reflects a deep understanding of what this golden era of music means. Said Colin: “‘Something Else’ – lyrically, a reaction to social media / phone culture. Inauthentic, schizotypal social media posturing. Lack of privacy, what were previously priceless memories reserved for photo albums shared with family and real friends are now disposable commodity for clicks. Volunteering all our intimate details for ‘likes’. With so many ways to ‘communicate’, we are more alienated from each other and our true selves than ever before. Truly speaks to the ‘mental illness’ pandemic.” Word. Chock full of many of the goodness of the 90’s, ‘Something Else’ is a small package of goodness that keeps on gifting your pleasures.

Scotch Mist – Skyline 3

We’d once stated about Scotch Mist that their: “songs are of grief and sorrow and trying to be as cheerful of the joyful memories for which emanated from his beloved. Sadness is unbearable. Longing is indefinite.” ‘Skyline 3’ is a remedy and preventative for your coming woes. Or at least perceived woes. A delectable slice of beautiful sheen, the experimental glamor of ‘Skyline 3’ exists only when you’re listening. Your internal screams are only yours, and won’t be felt by the universe… unless together in one big huff, you and Scotch Mist alike, can crack open that portal to that goodness beyond. ‘Skyline 3’ helps us feel this power. It helps us see that the wall isn’t higher than we’d thought. It helps us think that the love we’d missed, will come around once more.


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