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Sir Ashley Almond

Sir Ashley Almond – Solar

Off of his latest LP ‘The Garden I Could Be’, comes his single ‘Solar’. A coming of age single with a beckoning of love and defining personal gratitudes, it succumbs with valiant consumptions of delight and emotions. Said Ashley: “Seattle is home and when the sun comes out its like love on your skin. I wanted people to have a picture of what love in your soul feels like.” After taking two years off releasing music to work on his voice, Ashley returns triumphantly with his album ‘The Garden I Could Be’. Gentle and self-resoundingly profound, Ashely asserts a clamor for something more, through this communication.

J.B. Boone – Shame, Shame

“I wrote this song on one of those “I’m going to write a song for fun” days, and after showing multiple people different songs, this was unanimously everyone’s favorite of my new material. My dad and I decided to record a guitar doubled with dobro, a slide guitar, banjo, and harmonica, and then had Eric Boseman come in on cajon.” J.B. Boone, a small town in West Texas native, brings effervescent irreverence and a flight into emotions, with ‘Shame, Shame’. From his upcoming EP ‘Severe Adventures’, the delightful vocals of JBB, cling onto your ribs, and tickles you fancy, as his strums of thoughts and feelings, glide and convince you of the good that can be seen in all quivers of life.

Stranger On The Bus – You Gotta Be Mad

Damián Gaume’s project Stranger On The Bus is a fabulous psyche infringement of the current wave of pop and rock. The Buenos Aires, Argentina originating Melbourne Australia based singer/songwriter, glances at the highlight of life with ‘You Gotta Be Mad’. And through it he takes you on a short journey of instincts and platitudes, regrets and successes. This Beatles-vibin’ single hits all with all its might, as the fun in the sun feelz come alive. Take this single and let the sunshine, roll, right in.

Grandpa Jack – Right On, Ride On

Right On, Ride On is the first track on our forthcoming EP Trash Can Boogie. Brooklyn-based power trio Grandpa Jack comes fully equipped with heavy, driving, psychedelic face-puncher sounds. With nothing unbound, and with everything up for grabs, the gritty sounds of ‘Right On, Ride On’ pierces into grooves of raunchy power chords, ready to slither hand upon netted thighs, and say sweet nothings to get you to do her bidding. It’s hard. It’s coarse. And it’s everything that is right. Driven by trio, Johnny Strom, Jared Schapker, and Matt C. White killer heckles of galactic rock is what they do. With primal grooves, fuzzed out guitars and a thundering low end, Grandpa Jack’s self-titled debut record is a heavy-handed take on psychedelic rock that explores the darker reaches of the soul. Right on, indeed.

JD Casper – Living In The Past

Wholesome goodness. JD Casper’s latest single is that. Love, loss, a quest in living, and not living as the past dictates. Often times, it’s what lingers above and around your soul, that pushes you to act. Act in emotion. Act in jest. Act with impunity. Act in unintended consequences. It’s how life – can be down right dirty. But we get through it. One minute, to the next hour – and then some. Austin originating indie-folk artist JD Casper notes these improprieties of life, and writes them down on paper. And in doing so, we get to hear and visage, that ‘lingering’ of how it is to be alive. Along the road, there are points of light. Along the road, there are glimmer of hopes and dreams. Guess, letting go of the past, is a sound place to start. A new start to that minute, that hour, the future.


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