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Sleep Engine

Sleep Engine – Trashman

“Trashman was mostly written in between panic attacks, it’s desperate but a bit hopeful.” Angsty nu-metal veins, feigns into a miriad of supple propositions with tightly produced rock subtleties. Sleep Engine’s talents are at your disposal with ‘Trashman’. A self-examining single, which disposes of walls that have inherently prevented and never helped int he cause. With rousing orchestral strings supporting this theatrical of singles, Sleep Engine, decides perfectly into a cast of questions, while not expecting the reciprocation of perfection. A body trembles, as the mind winds it down to the bare essentials. ‘Trashman’ is an artful thrust into that realm of new-ness that is predictably unpredictable, just as your ears perk with fascination. Odd feelz. Mean thrills.

Dogsing – Let On

The project “strives to venture just outside the realm of folk music, Let On is a humble homage to music that inspired us to work together. As musicians we’ve come a long way from traditional folk and Americana music but there are certain elements we can’t seem to escape that Let On captures so well… The vocal harmonies become integral to the lead melody and it isn’t until the one-time chorus comes in that you begin to clearly see how there is something in this music that hints to both a soulful introspectiveness paired with an Americana grievance.” A careful substance, longing predicaments, sling up on a buttress of lies and deceit as the story of inspiration, degrade into a life of mis-trusts and disappointments. That is a sentiment that you can receive from the artistically poignant blending mis-cultures of decadence from ‘Let On’. A prevailing wind of change is dictated within the winds of the conventional wisdom, and Dogsing, delightfully sits in the seat of chance and opportunity through an offering like ‘Let On’. A vibing delight, the song transforms the road you’re on – a road full of unexpected wonders. Dogsing is made up of a duo of wandering souls, from Brooklyn and Florida.

Brothers Bankston – Need You

“A song about the desire or need to have another person in your life. Plucked guitars, 808, drums samples, vintage synths and a moving bass line smoothed out with the band two vocalists both taking a verse in a different melodic direction completes the track.” Like life, there are lulls and vexing collaterals of thoughts from Brothers Bankston’s single ‘Need You’. And maybe in a way, the better half – the lover on that other side of the bed – keeps you on your toes and constantly makes you second guess the life that has become. A common story, to a degree, as we are human animals; dedicated to the thought and practice of forming a life with the one who makes you whole, it is controversial, in some circles, a gold standard for many more. One thing that we all have in common, though, whether on side or the other, the constance of validation, procrastination, servitude, and conformity, come into play for the teamwork of a couple. Tamping down and controlling that ‘beast’, means a life together will continue. Brothers Bankston, puts that urgent pain, into perspective in ‘Need You’.

David Jeffrey Scoggins – JUST HOLD ON

“His deep and rhetorical summations in lyric, spin off with wild undulations, as the constance of his chord progressions keep the ship at level.” David Jeffrey Scoggins’ honesty in his songs are breathtakingly obvious to hear. Even in the Universe of chimes where he’d decided to build his musical mainframe, his thoughts and revelries depict with constance and dependable understated effervescence. The melancholic starts and shimmers, delight with the ever present predictions of cosmic constitutions, both literal and vital. The convivial matrimony of light and dark, grays into a faded and humming idle, as David’s thoughts display into fillets of strips and cultural digestion. Personal stories that we just don’t know about through his songs, seep with the right vibes to help us along.

CHARMPIT – Bridges Go Burn

“Pop culture offered us so many blueprints for romantic relationships and comparatively few about other loving relationships,” said the 4 piece band. “But in our experience, ending friendships, or being estranged from family, was heartbreaking, often more heartbreaking than our romantic breakups. We wanted to contribute a breakup song about friendship and family heartbreak to pop culture. It can take time to burn a bridge, especially when it’s guarded by a troll. You can forgive yourself for taking the time you needed to exit that toxic relationship. And when you exit it, you can write a pop banger so it ain’t so dang depressing. Strike a match, light it up, better bitter than deep fried!” Anne Marie, Rhianydd, Estella, and Alex make CHARMPIT tick and added that ‘Bridges Go Burn’ is “a song about the other heartbreaks we go thru with family & friends that don’t get as much airtime.” Certainly have a way with expression, don’t they?? CHARMPIT got their start in 2016 during the DIY Space For London’s ‘First Timers’ project; an annual series of workshops, skill-shares and first time performances that ‘celebrates demystification’ and pours fresh, diverse, new talent into the UK music scene. Rock on.


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