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Sleepflowers – Violet Sea

Fronted by singer-songwriters Lauren Power and Eimhin Healy, makes music that asks you to hold their cup of tea. Of longing lyrics, layered meanings, feathered in the altercations of sentiments, gaze back at you to ask you once again. You’re startled by their talents. Their heft. Their urgency in clinically defiant words. Used and under utilized, is the shadows of our individual corners of our lives. ‘Violet Sea’, in its purity of sanctity, admires all that is imperfect of life. You. Him. Her. Us. That’s how things have always been. Will always be, this way. Their debut single emerges with a wistful energy spurred on by deep felt indie-rock tones. Lauren and Eimhin were joined by Lauren’s high school pal Jack Opaluch on the drums and Eimhin’s best mate Thomas Stevens moved down from Queensland to slap the bass. Fortuitous, for Sleepflowers is here. And we’re all happy about that.

David Shanhun – Gypsy Girl

“I wrote this just after making the decision to stop playing at weddings, and to focus on sharing my original music,” said David Shanhun. “I was at the Auckland Folk Festival, and while making lunch had this idea. I wrote the full track there and then and about an hour later turned the gas back on again to actually make lunch! I was sick of spending so much of my time writing emails and being inside watching the sun rise and set outside and feeling like I wasn’t exploring or enjoying the beautiful world we live in.” With vocals as sumptuous as Cat Stevens, David’s fleeting vocals wisp into attention to the gathering of happiness and joy, as the lyrics of good ol’ times warm your heart in ‘Gypsy Girl’. Ol’ school goodness that we all can love. David Shanhun hit the #2 spot on the iTunes Country Charts with his single ‘I Believe In You’, has opened for Foreigner, Heart, and Three Dog Night, sung/performed with Grammy Award winner Bryan White, and performed in Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der – Beneath Our Feet (Exit Music)

Why is it that vocal presentation like Rachel’s, does the kind of emotional painting that it does? Happens all of the time. In fact it happens to many who listen to the capital collab of this decadent pop loveliness. ‘Beneath Our Feet’ casts all that is good and fearful of relationships and the like. Musicians Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der have released their first full length collaborative album, When This Plane Goes Down… The Toronto-based duo wrote many of the tracks remotely during their summer break from college, reflecting a transitional time in each of their lives. The two artists come from solo backgrounds where each have released their own EPs: ‘Months to Fall’ by Rachel, and ‘Nostalgic For Things to Come’ by Justice. Co-written by the duo and mixed/mastered by Justice, the confounding-ly solvent ambiguities, dissolve into the mists of life and the harshness. The LP, ‘When This Plane Goes Down…’ is now available.

dancy – seven years

“This song is about having a friend you know will be with you no matter what happens. In seven years or in seventy years, they will always be in your mind and you will always cherish the memories.” San Diego producer singer/songwriter delivers memories of old and young, within the casing of ‘seven years’. A tantric encountering of the future in the mind of the current, it finally offers up the overview of what a relationship, of which, the protagonist cannot live without. Details are for a limit. The umbrella of letting life take its course, is at the cusp of this love ballad, lovingly crafted. The delightful new-wave pop infection of sounds, is beautifully left for review through dancy’s solitary vocals.

Moon Beach – Don’t Drive Away

Sienna DeSantis, Baptiste Lefebvre, Chris Link, Markus Link, and Grace Messarra met through Craigslist. Incredible. Life throws you off sometimes, and in this case for sure. The sound that is created by the band is lively, loving, and uniquely consequential, as the poppy jazzy elements, dance gently with the concepts of the lyrics and vocal attentions. Contrast and knowledge of what’s to come, is draped into magnificence, as the drizzly anxiousness is clearly communicated. The Boston based band makes succumbing antics for the antithesis of love and its ilk. Indeed.


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