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Stella Ruze

Stella Ruze – Travel Song

“Travel Song started as a jam on a mandolin and grew into a full song when the band got behind it. It deals with escapism and the thrills of sharing experiences with those you love.” Under the sea? Heck no. Under his strong arms? Yes. Crying over spilled milk? Heck no. Kissing underneath the tree of the future? You better believe it. With a song like this, you can’t but smile at the prospect of a relationship and of a life together. Floating goodness is where this song takes you, and with Stella Ruze by your side, there’s almost nothing that can stop you from getting there. Well, maybe a stop by the petting zoo, where your favorite pet resides. But besides that, you’re game! It’s on! You, her, him, the future is bright. There’s no doubt about it. Travel Song is the third single from our upcoming album. Look for it. Stella Ruze is made up of Brendan Johnson (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Katie O’Donnell (Guitar/Mandolin/Lead Vocals), Mason Wallack (Keyboard/Vocals), Alex Styer (Trumpet/Vocals/Percussion), Sean McIntyre (Drums), Ted Mayo (Bass), and Vince Gleason/Charlie DiPuma (Saxophone). And the band from Philadelphia wants to have some fun. Will you join?

Joe by the Book – A Little For My Sake

Joe by the Book are a Leeds (UK) based outfit pulling influences from Indie Rock and Chicano Soul, creating a uniquely blended sound within the UK indie scene. We’d summarized prior: “The deliciousness of Joe by the Book is its groove, it’s storytelling of tragedy, and gruesomely handsome vitality. Can’t get away from the vibe. And as the 60’s vibes tickle and tackle your senses, you dream away, into LALA land of your choice with a full continental breakfast awaiting your wakefulness. Upcoming LP ‘100 Years’ drops January 20th, 2020. Put it on your calendar, yo.

Cmedine – Silent echoes

You know that feeling you had when you first laid your ears upon the rock grit of metal, long ago? Cmedine brings that visceral nakedness in ‘Silent Echoes’. The excitement of discovering how genres can be mixed, you scratch your head to a degree of repentance, that you’d never had before. Confusion is a quality of excellence. And when Cmedine’s understated and under-rated music comes to town, guard your boys and girls, and better save some fresh water for the impending hurricane. Rock hazards never sounded so pop and reductively fabulous.

Psychobuildings – The Back Door

This is the lead track off of Psychobuildings’ recently debuted EP. Psychobuildings was formed in 2010 by frontman Peter LaBier alongside Juan Pieczanski (of Small Black) and are based in Brooklyn, NY. But they shouldn’t be enjoyed by the neighborhood of Brooklyn. Their music should be enjoyed by the world. And in ‘The Back Door’, particularly so, as the ground and pound of the synthesis, resoundingly makes every part of your limbs dance with joy. The dark shade are worn at night, as a famous song, once said. THIS – this is the song to wear those sunglasses at night and dance with the best of them. It’s a peculiarly fantastic single, with harkened vocals by Peter, and delicious piano that is reminiscent of the best traditions of 90’s r&b/hiphop dance pop.

Toy Poets – Lost in Translation

Off of their latest LP ‘Blue Skies From Here’, the wonderful Toy Poets continue their musical legacy in this particular story telling with ‘Lost in Translation’. “Toy Poets, hums past your neglects of life and supports you back to equilibrium”. The Santa Barbara, California based band crackles with subtle delight as the guitars of fulfilling vibes, dance along the shores of wants and desires – while loving, all of the ways it can. Live it. Listen. Get within.

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