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Stevie wolf

Stevie wolf – Substances

Substances is Stevie’s first release of 2020. It combines some eccentric production elements with somber songwriting to create a psychedelic blend of something pretty cool. Stevie has opened for artists like Cautious Clay, Slow Hallows, Two Feet, and Young & Sick. This “Colorado originating artist has a knack for vibes, and cementing allegories of the remaining sunshine on a darkening afternoon. But as time goes on and worries always become the detriment to well-being, Stevie, coaxes his inner desires, to get through this next second – next minute – next hour – the next impending doom. A life that is lived, just doesn’t feel like living any longer.” Stevie’s honest and charming vocal exercises make his songs a journey to behold. Every time.

Beck Pete – Same Song

Beck Pete is a pop artist with the vocals to conquer the highest peaks and mightiest of rivers. “I am dedicated to love, feelings, self-awareness, and telling stories about those things. I am a muse-based writer, inspired by moments and people that make me feel a little extra alive. For the rest of my life, I just hope to make people feel less alone and more understood..” The video for her powerful stance and musical form, comes into 3D interpretations, with her music video. “It is the turning point where you realize someone needs to be all in or get out of your life, so you don’t go fully out of your mind.” Power in flight, merge with decadence with Beck. A slice of angst, unencumbered by the overwhelming odds, ‘Same Song’ is an anthem for the heart and its belonging in this world. Beck’s latest EP ‘Muse’ is available now.

Spencer Flay – The Long Run

“‘The Long Run’ Is a heart hitting story about loved ones and their dedication towards one another,” said Spencer Flay. “Describing the selflessness of carers and loved ones in ill health, not showing their true feelings of worry and forcing a brave face, spending what time that have left in the most normal loving way.” The long run has had some great feedback from listeners of the BBC UPLOAD show and fans are anticipating the songs release Spencer has also recently been featured on BBC Radio 4 for his songwriting. “In 2010 I found a true love for music after attending a rugby club canoeing trip. Initially it was just a night of cider and laughs,” reminisced Spencer. “So whilst also working long hours at the docks, I started to teach myself how to play the ukulele…” That was the start of the project, Spencer Flay, we all can hear. ‘The Long Run’ is a continuing evolution of Spencer’s play and philosophy behind his lyrics. It follows his 2019 EP ’30 metres above sea level”, and it delights, as he always does, with stories of foregone conclusion, dexterous lessons learned, and of maybe loving scenarios to come.

DJ Prithvi – Weekend

DJ Prithvi started his career at the age of 16. Since then he’s opened for Hardwell, Lost Frequencies, Peggy Gou, Dubfire, Troyboi and more. Holding 5 Biggest Club Residencies in Bangalore, in the last 8 years Prithvi has been able to understand the audience and adapt to their taste while keeping his originality in the music. ‘Weekend’ is a charming dance addition, with tints of local and international vibes.

Samie Bower – Skyline

“The feeling of ‘uplifting’ and ‘grand’ like in a feature film,” said Samie Bower. “Wanted to describe someone who I saw so special as the skyline I see. Months later a friend of mine in Israel (32 Marks) had wanted to hear what was being worked on and added even more production to the record.” A spark from an infatuation, developed into a full on single that is bright, light, and which delivers with a sultry invasion of understatements. Samie is a project that is of a crossover in PBR&B to Pop/HipHop. And through it, he brings a darker tone within lyrical presentation, while constructing eerie-upbeat tones that will get you to perk up those ears. Look for more from Samie and his kaleidoscope of charms and stories.

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