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SUBI – Tim

A trip like no other, SUBI’s single ‘Tim’ is like a walk into Medieval times of a dream, within a dream. An enlightenment exercise of an artist, too talented, and too vibin’ to be kept under a surge of the norm – SUBI clashes into an viscerally significant arrangement of notions in ‘Tim’. With tinges of 60’s and 70’s, roots based folk fabulousness, combine beautifully with SUBI’s gorgeously unique vocals and tones. An innate aura envelopes her lyrical expressions and story telling vision, where it becomes very quickly apparent that this wasn’t any normal tale to tell.

Rhode Island – Pale Yellow Light

Rhode Island are made up of 2/3 people from the north of England. They were formed by 4 school/university mates in the early 2000s, and played gigs around Leeds and Manchester for the best part of a decade. Since then, real life got in the way, and the songs were slower in coming for the public to consume. But in 2020, they return with a new vibe, new vigor, and a new album. ‘Pale Yellow Light’ is a delightfully and tragically poignant slice of life from the band’s lyrical fair, as its nostalgic ambience, treads ever so carefully around the memories of on or all of the members. After all these years, the gang from the UK makes good, once more. The LP ‘The Jealousy Book’ is out now.

Souvenir Season – Electrifying Live

All of love. Sudden. Threatening. Electric. All the good and the foreseeable, bad, comes with the curiosity that is two, meeting for the hot and seductive vibes of heated passions. Souvenir Season’s own electric identity is in this single. And with vocals of dynamism and nostalgia by Sarah E. Wohlfahrt, delivers with an affection edge that is both sultry and welcomed. With duo partner, Birger Nießen, Souvenir Season grips for the impending future with eyes open wide and hearts ready to embrace. Their latest EP ‘Leap!’ is their present to the world of music. And with it the duo from Cologne Germany makes thing new and vibrant. Completing the band are Salih Gulhan and Michael Wilsburg.

Local Al – Selkään puukkoja

Yes. The song is in Finnish (or is it??). You can feel it. The rock n’ roll classic vibes, and the jingle jangle antics, transcend languages (or vocal effects). So, you shrug, and smile. Then you get up off of your butt and move to the middle of the room, to start your shimmy dance. Then your sudden and hidden 50’s vibes come out of you and you’re hooked. Aleksi Pahkala said: “I dug out my nasty old drum machine-beat, picked up my electric guitar, which I had bought from my friend Sirviö Samuli… I decided to let the guitar speak it’s own language. Punky guitars and bass, nasty drum machine, Jesus & Mary Chain / Raveonettes style organs and next level raw singing.” Aleksi is, well, Aleksi. The kinks and the quirks, as his song, transcend the layers of pretense we often have to dig. So here we are. Simple. Rock. Weirdness that explores the normal. Kudos. His latest EP ‘EP1’ is available now.

Wild Manes – Northern Wind

Brooklyn-based indie pop band Wild Manes. Wild Manes is a 6-piece band which distinguishes with featuring the voices Lindsey Nadolski, Heather Santana and Jocelyn Conn. Completed with Steve Burton, Terry Campbell, and CJ Knowles the band heaves raptures of contentment and vitriolic beauty to a core of thoughts, though atmospheric, deliver with an incontestable oomph and vigor through harmonies. A ride through the archives of ol’ school doo wop, the indie-bop surges through the vocals, with ease and triumph in ‘Northern Wind’. See the band next @ Bowery Ballroom NYC, on January 10th. Should be fabulous.


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