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The Fleurs

The Fleurs – She’s Breaking

Swedish/Swiss Artist Emely Majrell is the project, The Fleurs. And with it, she provides ‘that sinking feeling’. Dark synths and mesmerizing vocals, conjure up the vibes in decadence and drizzling enchantment. A thought, within thoughts, layer and lather, the expectant anger of your listening soul. It patterns with kaleidoscope hymns and magisterium. It collides with the cosmos of your dreaded life – maybe, existing to be reborn into the light. Once more. Twice. Thrice. The Fleurs stated: “‘She’s Breaking’ is a song about the moment when reality vanishes and the inner self gets swallowed up by it’s own dark thoughts followed by the secession of body and mind.” The artist draws its inspiration from the Swedish melancholic winter and the dark nightclub scene in Berlin. Indeed. And we listeners, want to be closer. This song is one half of a video artwork that was exhibited this year in Stockholm.

Mint Julep – Stray Fantasies

“Hollie and Keith Kenniff make up a deliciously curious and tasty vibe of Mint Julep. The musically over achieving duo, makes new worlds with their music, as they continue making their realities, in this world of the matrix.” That’s what we’d said of them. The wife-and-husband duo Hollie and Keith Kenniff under their collaborative moniker Mint Julep, an expertly manicured electric-pop venture that stands in stark contrast to the nebulous and experimental Helios and Goldmund outputs for which the latter member is known (though both members have ambient projects under their own names). With accolades from far and wide, the duo with the golden digital touch makes the listener fawn with pleasure and daydream into the deep night. Smile of pecking order, the delivery of constant good vibes and delicious infections in feature-rich plains, Mint Julep’s upcoming LP will be more than well received. We’d recommend you seek this fabulousness out when it does. ‘Stray Fantasies’ drops January 31st.

Luke Dowler – Get The Job Done

Montana Indie-Americana artist Luke Dowler’s ‘Get The Job’ Done was recorded in Atlantic Records studios in NYC during an August 2019 East coast tour. This anthem for love and promise for the ones in love, is a a vestibule for the excitement of building and building, in purpose. She winks in confirmation. He smiles in message reminded. The future is what can be done with sweat and blood. A raspy Americana, is soulful in Luke’s vocals. And with it wields the power of conviction. The song lies in the galaxy of emotions, intentions, and of how we all feel when in the brilliant sunshine of love and its ilk. Can’t be helped. “The slate also includes a May 2020 release of the single ‘Going To Montana’, a declaration that captures the spirit of leaving the familiar to build the life you want.” Simple. Lovely. Something to take to heart.

HPK – Sapphire Skies

Following his debut EP ‘Slow Burn’, HPK’s single ‘Sapphire Skies’ comes with the wisp of memories and gentle sweet nothings of love past. And from those shimmering glimmer of the good ol’ times, you smile and look forward to the goodness to come. That seemingly far off future, is just a stone throws away, and HPK’s light and airy reminders, sparkle with life and inject new layers of confidence and meaning into your life. It all starts with a smile, then things fall into place from there. With hope on hope, and embraceable warmth, HPK’s vocals tinge with fanfare, loving and encouraging. HPK is from Melbourne. HPK delivers his take on the betterment of how we can live.

The Midnight Club – Two Lightning Bolts

When ‘Two Lightning Bolts’ plays, you’re effectively transported to another era and decade. Like the operatic brilliance of Queen, The Midnight Club delivers the vocal layers and instrumental gumption that plays with our inner, animalistic desires and wants. Originating from Denver in late 2015, high school students Owen Coleman, Harry Springer, Miles Bragg, and Sean McCarthy formed the Alt-Pop-Rock band. And with it, set of a chain of events that has continued to the line of offerings that are both lovingly crafted and dynamically given to the masses to absorb and dissect. Live show fervor, we can say, as the band rocks out and tickles your fancy, to the n’th degree. See them next @ The Fox Theatre, Boulder, Colorado on January 31st.

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