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FIVE // The Gallerys : Hosana : baklavaa : Torso : Mattias Lies

The Gallerys / Photo: Pete Ray

The Gallerys – On the Other Side

That intro is a kicker, ain’t it?? Surf and sun and whatever may come our way, yo! The Gallerys is a band that is so 90’s in its aesthetics, but ‘perfection’ should be in the band’s middle name. ‘On the Other Side’ is an alternative indie rock track written about forgetting your problems by having a good time. The song ‘On The Other Side’: “is that place we all know and feel when we’ve had a few drinks and feel invincible. When we’re in that good place we have a ‘rosy gaze’ on and forget about all the problems and issues of our everyday lives but we’re actually just ‘living in the land of lies.” Talented and utterly sticky, ‘On The Other Side’ is an anthem from the band, made of: James Wood, Craig Barden, and Dan Maggs. The promise of great things is on its way, and the sun rays are glorious to the exposed skin. The warmth of familiarity, mixed with the effervescence of something new, comes at us in full with ‘The Gallerys. See this fab band next @ The Fighting Cocks Bar & Live Music Venue, Kinston upon Thames UK, January 24th, 2020.

Hosana – Gurz

Gurz’s symphonic opening chords and unsettling noise layers immediately immerse listeners in the cinematic experience that is Hosana’s debut EP. Hosana is a new project from producer/songwriter Eric Thorfinnson and vocalist Scott Carruthers. And when the clang of the Universe reverberate through the throbbing thirst of ‘Gurz’, the band’s swelling vibes and thrusting theatrics is grand and majestic. Rights of passage, is marked with a soaring grievences that is remarkable and tantamount to the glimpses of self realizing decadence. Like bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, MUSE, Candlebox, the vibrating aura of Hosana, delivers with a Thor’s hammer heft and unrestrictive vibrance of the kind of heroism we imagine. ‘Gurz’ is a song from their debut EP. Our expectations from Hosana is out of this world.

baklavaa – dsnylnd

They said ‘dsnylnd’ is a song that “focuses on out of phase drum and bass surrounded by swirling guitars.” Indeed. Check. Ted, Flynn, Dominique, and John – the band members of said band baklavaa – comes at you with succinct noise. The noise is big, bold, brash, and never wears a tie. In fact, it never wears any formal wear to the occasion. But it wears all of the things that is needed to get the job, at hand, done. A soliloquy of visions and admirable attitudes, ‘dsnylnd’ cultivates the palpable with the strike of one hand to another, on a cheek to cheek basis, with 2 percent interest if paid within 6 months. A debt of ‘whatevers’ stroll down memory land, then you tell them: “We’re here!” Indeed, once more. The Baltimore Maryland based band is sick. And it ain’t because of their friend’s cooking. Dig.

Torso – Valentine

Torso are a two piece band from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK. Torso is Jon and Tristan and they said: “A song about Valentines day, written from the perspective of a first time dad.” Amazing how much goes on in a person’s day. If you want to get a whiff of what it could be like, you listen to ‘Valentine’. A spoken word delight, the words stack with absolute perfection, as they reverberate through the melancholic vibes of Tristan’s almost nihilistic vocals. Don’t get confused though. ‘Valentine’ is about celebration. It’s a celebration of life, its middles, and its book ends. It’s a song of acceptance, priorities, responsibilities, shock and awe. At a granular level, we are shook by circumstances, and sometimes it takes time to adjust. ‘Valentine’ is that moment of hurdle, still loving, as it will be in a different chapter of this grand ol’ scheme. Breathe.

Mattias Lies – Silver & Gold

‘Silver & Gold’ is all about the illusive hunt for success and fortune, which is commonly associated with dollar signs and material well-being. ”My great challenge has always been, to live in the present, to enjoy life while I can. Back in the days I was getting burn out every now and then. I constantly gave more than I received, in any kind of situation, and I always ended up feeling empty as a bottle. I come from a hard working bloodline where people identify each other depending on what you do, forgetting about the person behind the badge. The day I realized this my life became easier. If you don’t like what you do for a living then it’s hard to fulfill your true potential. To me it works that way and I guess a lot of people out there will recognize themselves while listening to the song”. This baroque dipped pop goodness, dressed in the charms of folk edges, makes life living, when listening. It’s a charming note to what we humans could be to each other. The good and the bad, can work together with better understanding and patience. Mattias’ work is right on.


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