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The High Ceilings

The High Ceilings – On the Line

The High Ceilings are a rock band from Sydney who released their debut single Poppy Won in 2018. The song is as stated by singer Ben Horder as “born out of feelings of frustration and helplessness”. But there’s one more that comes from the song. And that is of a vibe that is knee-slapping and just delivers with honesty within the lyrics. Tom Petty, Dylan, Neil Young – what have you, you”re bound to have a fabulous time with this straight on song that’s perfect for the weekend of your life. You can’t help but think about that ‘pie’, and all of the smile that you get from this deal. Can’t lose. The band will drop their debut album Murrah Hall in early 2020. ‘On The Line’ was recorded and produced by Nick Franklin from a live session at Linear Studios in Leichhardt and with some overdubs at Rolodex Studios and mastering by Tim Bruniges at 43’33” Mastering.

Finer Things – G+T

Finer Things is a new British rock band. This power group was formed in the summer of 2018, and has delivered with a stamp of their musical intentions with EP, ‘After Bloom’. A poppy, garage-rock that is both poppy and punky at the edges, the band that balances on the line of emo-rock, gets you to delve deeper into manic power guitar chords and as equal statements of lyrical axioms. Made up of band mates: Tom Sadler, Curtis Nabb, Marc Young, and Joe Young the passion pushes through with honest gumption and drive to make it. The gritty smiles of the four, can’t but help get you on to their side of the cause. “Our drummers favourite song. In our opinion has one of the best choruses of the EP..”

Stevie C. Bowen – Be Kind

“Throughout that time I’ve learned a lot and grown into my own as an artist and guitarist, and I felt it was time to get something that really represented me out into the world,” said Stievie C. Bowen. “So I spent the last year pouring my heart and soul into this EP, with whatever free time I could muster between working two jobs and trying to stay afloat in New York City. I’m incredibly proud of the result, and I think the songs are emotive and engaging, ranging from swampy blues and classic soul to cinematic soundscapes.” Certain and uncertain, the fleeting vibes of a soul in this world is brought to justice by Stevie’s play. Slide guitar player and a traveler of this time, Stevie is a player for all of our angsts and self deliberations.

Made Of Stone – Tied To Me

Made of Stone is an Ambient Rock Band from Los Angeles. They formed in summer of 2019. But feels as though they’d been doing their thing for ages. Supple lyrics, smooth suggestion, and an emplematic vibe that is both heart wrenching and beckoning. The ambient shoe-gaze filled ecstasy of ‘Tied To Me’ comes with a heavy price of enjoyment and affection. From the slight vocals, building to a fantastic emphasis, is frame emotionally by the rest of the instrument with gainful progression and design. The brand new outfit is made up of Sophia Medina, Alin Glogovicean, Sammy Velick, Lucian Lee, and Chris Lewis.

Ariel My Friend – Bad Times Sex

Ariel My Friend is Ariel Glencer’s solo project. Ariel began writing his own material around the year 2009, at the age of 18. He spent hours recording the separate tracks for drums, guitars, keyboard and vocals mostly at his parents’ basement. ‘Bad Times Sex’ is an anthem. A premonition for the promises of what life dictates, should be a time of enjoyment and mutual affection. But not always, as we all know. Hit or miss, some say. Downright horrid, some others say. But whatever your position, there are other positions where there won’t be a good connection between you two. Anywho, we all go through it. But it’s good that we can smile about it and move on. After all, it isn’t the biggest problem of your life is it? Ariel makes music that mixes lectronic music, Synth-pop, Chiptune, Psychedelic rock, Experimental, Industrial, Punk and Progressive rock. Fusion? You be the judge.


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