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The Horse Puppets

The Horse Puppets – Caught You Out

The 5 piece band from Manchester, soon grew into a 6 piece, then a 7 piece as more instruments and sounds were added in recording their debut album. Consisting of Paul Bytheway, Helen Bytheway, Amy Eckersley, Tommy Fuller, Andrzej Baranek, Chris Hillman, and Rick Weedon the ‘hybrid’ band (as they’d call themselves) comes with truculent shoegaze anonymities and mixed consultation in notions. The feelings are draped over a table of hymns, where the prevailing sanity is scrubbed into effect for the next visit by friends. A galvanizing-ly quirky feeling is within ‘Caught You Out’. You’re left the alter of a feverish vibe, but contradicts with crackling concentration of ‘never being alone’. The subject of the song, contradicts in those terms. And the tactile vibes tangle their web of goodness throughout, as you are enveloped in something new. Something valuable to you. It’s an experience, suffice it to say. The classic rock and baroque feelings dash you away from it all, with promises of grandeur and palpable charm. See them next @ The Cinnamon Club, The Firs on January 31st in London.

Matan Benzvi – War

‘War’ is the second single from the album The Key to Your Heart’ (February 2020). Its purveyor of depictions of catastrophes and wonder-lust intuitions, is Matan Benzvi. A sample of humane surges of poetry and delight, Matan’s monotone-like visage from his vocal attentions and monitored instrumentals, deliberate to another sanctioned corner of the globe, then sits and ponders. A protest song, with a tinge of a gradient statement in macro, the reliant build of ‘War’, takes into account a verge of emotions and probable alacrity towards the inevitable. “It refers not only to its political aspects, but also to an internal clash taking place in one’s mind and soul. As he encounters the conflict, the artist observes and documents it from the outside, recording a list of experiences within the lyrics of the song.” The video was directed/edited by Matan and Michal Geva, in which features traditional Kite Fights in Nepal as part of the festival of Dashain.

Maneli Jamal – Abigail

From his brand new album ‘Tranquil Strings’, Maneli Jamal’s beautiful dedication to the delight of becoming a godfather, delights and takes you away. Classical guitar is used with efficiency to delve into a slice of feelings that a person – one man – could feel. The lovely vigil to a new soul, draped in love and affection, Maneli brings that hint of goodness that is left over in this hectic place in time. The young artist gained a sense of musical maturity rarely seen among his peers especially when he transforms his nomadic life experiences into musical movements using extended guitar techniques. Maneli stated: “This song… is about me becoming a godfather recently… to an amazing couple. It was a special moment for me and this was the composition that was born from that experience. This is dedicated to the cute and adorable lil’ Abigail”. Inspiration comes in all the right places with ‘Abigail’.

Over Motion – Faucet

Yep. We said it. “The encircled curiosity of Over Motion is an impending danger to your normal sense for music.” Ain’t it? Especially with ‘Faucet’? But no matter how you slice it, it’s where you’d want this project to live. It lives to be the oddly paced, insurgence of energy and punk-like emo vibes that just makes you want to dance. The tinge of polk-like beats in this single makes you want to linger and maybe go out and rock out at the first line nearest to the stage. You know. Where the band can see you and look at you. Over Motion is the solo project of a years long drummer, culminated from dozens of collaborative musical endeavors, a wide array of rock influences, and boiled into his one-man pot with which he hopes to feed the world. That still is a thing. Over Motion, rockin’ on, turning musical gears in all our brains.


“Inspired by the frustration of societal structures moulding the majority of us all into a certain way of life. Anger at the system and how it trains us to accept a mundane way of living with little to no hope. Society forces a structure upon us all, and if we don’t agree with it we’re labelled as a deviant and will most likely be disadvantaged because of it. Is this fair?” Ben Kay, Jake Gribben, and Harry Grace bring ol’ school hard rock like we didn’t expect them to. Twisting and twirling guitar chops and arrangements, along with a fabulously gnarly guitar solo, it keeps you invested in the fabulousness of the trio’s work. With their debut release of ‘Nothing More’, and second single “Break Me For The Better” Battle of the bands winners Kaleido Bay enter the Swindon music scene in a defiant manner. We’d say they have never backed down and seems like they never will. The fulfilling rock vibe of the band is undeniable and oh so delicious. As you listen to their past singles, you know they have something good going on here. And we’re fans, because of that. Word, yo.

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