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FIVE // The Lovemade Collective : LeRiche : Marie Lang : Hannah Goebel : Julian Bachlow

The Lovemade Collective

The Lovemade Collective – Hold Steady

“Feel good, nostalgic 90s R&B vibe over a modern afro-swing UK instrumental is what ‘Hold Steady’ is all about. The song is about all of our collective experiences with women. We filmed, edited, recorded, mixed everything ourselves in our Lovemade Studios and we are completely self funded.” The Lovemade Collective is a music group made up of 3 artists: Amaru Muru, Kenny, and Fats. Behind the scenes, all three members share multiple production, recording, arrangement, songwriting, videography and top-lining credits amongst themselves. The boy band feel is in the ingredients for the trio producers, as their vibes of their songs, demand their select vision for what pop songs could be. It’s a delicate drive towards the visceral dreams of us all.

Hannah Goebel – Love Spent

‘Love Spent’ is Hannah Goebel’s first single released since appearing on S14 of NBC’s ‘The Voice’, where she received all 4 chairs from the judges with her blind audition of Alicia Keys ‘If I Ain’t Got You’. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Hannah Goebel is a Pop singer/songwriter who has lived and performed around Nashville since the fall of 2015. In August 2019, Hannah’s older brother, David, moved from New York to Nashville to team up with Hannah as her instrumentalist, manager and producer. They are actively working on Hannah’s first EP, scheduled to release in early 2020, while performing around the city and continually promoting her brand. Let Hannah’s soothing sensibilities wash over you, for a moment’s pause.

LeRiche – Connected

LeRiche is a troubadour, a true nomad compelled to hit the road with his guitar, singing his intimate songs to a broader audience than his home in Port aux Basques, a tourist town of 4000 people in Newfoundland and Labrador, on Canada’s east coast. His new single “Connected” offers expansive production while staying true to his folk-pop roots through inquisitive and intimate lyricism. After seven years of gigging at local bars around Newfoundland, LeRiche has been recognized provincially, winning the NL Battle of the Bands with his previous group, and even internationally, when he was chosen to represent Canada at Global Village 2012 in Qatar. See this sultry talent next @ Bahnhofsbistro, Husum Germany on January 9th.

Marie Lang – Body

With her velvety r&b laced vocals, blend of genres and soulful live performances, Marie’s music has been called, “a voice that is harmonious across all cultures and styles and remarking that her soulfully-charged music, moves with lyricism, that punctures the surface – getting to the heart of a story.” Lang places herself in a vulnerable position in ‘Body,” using her divine lyricism and enchanting vocals to vividly portray the cycles of lust, love, and sadness that come from interpersonal relationships. Lang’s debut EP ‘Body’ is a bittersweet moment, a culmination of the past 2 years. Said Marie: “I lived in 3 different cities, went through multiple break-ups, reconnected with family and old friends, lost myself, found myself, thought I lost myself again and made my first EP.” Originally from Vienna Austria, the grounded vibrance of Marie’s vocals, makes you want to love again.

Julian Bachlow – Traveling Hearts

“I thought about the times when your heart get’s left behind,” said Julian. He is an indie rock musician from the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario. His influences are The Cure, The Smiths, Radiohead, Prince and many more. Julian has released 6 albums independently under his label 2 Line Productions. ‘Paradigm’ released in 2009, ‘Family Ties’ released in 2015 and ‘Poet Survivor’ released in 2017. Then, Room Rock Vol. 1 & Room Rock Vol. 2 were released in 2018 & early 2019.Julian’s latest and new EP ‘Day and Night’ was released in October of 2019. With ‘Traveling Hearts’, he’s trying to get you again, with more of his music. How diabolical, eh? Just might work, however.


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