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The Satellite Station

The Satellite Station – I Should Have Fought For You

How we look to others, is a fact or fiction vibe of and with ourselves. You’re never more uncomfortable, when you’re so very, within. And vice versa. Said The Satellite Station: “This song questions the difference between how we feel and how we present ourselves to the world. How we often are so caught up in our own existence that we fail to see the people who need help around us.” But life is built around collateral devices of strewn mistakes and lessons. From ‘I Should Have Fought For You’ is a tale of something that was right beneath your nose, but never fully grasping its importance until it was too late. Lesson learned. One thing that can be managed, is that you don’t commit such mistakes again. Will you be that forthright and conscious, the next time? Do your best. The Satellite Station is the solo project of singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Travis Rue.

Bathe – All I Wanted (Paramore)

Bathe is the Dream Pop one-woman solo project of multi-instrumentalist and VYB bassist Bailey Crone. The solo one-woman project is formidable, accentuating, and never is a subject to being left by the wayside. Even by a fabulous original of another. That’s what has happened in this cover of such fabulousness. The open cascade of vibes is generously disseminated in the beautifully distinct and savory style of Bathe. And in doing so, the addition of new and of the prior, culminates in a shimmer of capacity, weight, shifts, and new angles. Vocals by Bailey, delivers as always, in the pastel grace that it’s meant to be soaked. Said Bailey: “All I Wanted has this mystery around it and I almost felt a little bit of taboo trying to approach it as a cover, but since it means to much to me and my past, I am hoping that me playing it is seen as a “thanks” to Paramore and all those memories I have associated with this song and era of my life.” Mission accomplished.

Sound Furies – V-dubbed

This is the 1st song on Sound Furies’ new album, ‘3.3 x 3.3 = S.S’. Rome-based duo “exploring American southern goth thru sonic transmissions” is the crux of this project. Odd, off-kilter, like a lion-roar, it suplexes the notion for what music can morph into. Into that notion of galloping vibes, and tantric residence of feelings and story telling. That’s where it lies with Sound Furies.

Calcou – Tongue-Tied (feat. GRIP TIGHT)

Berlin based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Calcou, again delivers in the most poignant way in ‘Tongue-Tied’. “In my approach to composing music – stripped back to a simple Rhodes – and in the beautiful words that GRIP TIGHT has put into it.” We’d said of Calcou: “Vocal chops, carefully sampled note by note from Bastien’s voice and layered into pulsating harmonies add sparkle and a human touch to the driving rhythm. It’s a kaleidoscope of visions, whizzing past you in 100 mph of colors.” And in that sense, and in this sliver of an ending to an EP, a chapter, a vision, the reminiscing recompense is paid in emotional toils and ultimate solidarity in contentment.

Suzy Callahan – Out there, somewhere

Suzy’s songs have appeared in the TLC series Breaking Amish, played on KCRW, and featured on NPR. Her former band Devils Wielding Scimitars was chosen by some of Spotify Dj’s as the greatest band name, ever. ‘Out there, somewhere’ is a song about self-reflection and coming of age. What does that entail? What does it mean to become reflective when reaching one of the toll-booths in a long journey of life? Who knows. All we can do is just try to get through it. For we all try to survive. Maybe even thrive. A balance of some attitude must never be forgotten. Yes. May be out there, but will we recognize, when coming across on an ordinarily calm Spring afternoon in the city? Who knows. But we know Suzy will be there with us, in song. This is a beautiful song, taking you back to a different era, and with that exercise, showing us again how a song, could be.


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