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FIVE // The Shy Lips : Solo El Malo : Impart : Sandkamper : Manic Year

The Shy Lips

The Shy Lips – Young Again

Adam Benrahmoun Johansson, Victor Pettersson, Alexander Lisinski, and Luciano Arroyo make our lives a bit more cheer-y than it sometimes could be. A reverent dictation for the good the bad and all those things that come in the middle, are in play as the quartet plays forever for our souls. Off of their fabulous album ‘Sinatra on Speed and the Color Blue’, the single ‘Young Again’ casts out again the neglected, to replace that void with the ample and satisfactory resonance of ‘you’. Who you are. Who you could be. A realization culminates into a dancy bop that is surely tuned to make you days brighter. The song was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it’s about “feeling young again; positive, full of energy, ready to rock and then seduce you with nice guitar melodies.” We all need that little injection sometimes right?

Solo El Malo – Like a King

‘Like A King’ is the 2nd single from Solo El Malo’s debut album ‘Two Hands One Prayer’ (out December 30th). Flamumba Rock pioneer Nas combines all his accumulated musical influences and life experiences of a vagabond lifestyle into a unique blend of rock, punk and Latin music. The result is a very personal mix of everything experienced, everything survived, simply put everything he is. Distilling the accumulated musical influences and life experiences of a vagabond lifestyle into a blend fondly dubbed ‘Flamumba Rock’. Imagine El Mariachi joined The Dogs Damour, an album chock full of Latin inspired acoustic rock and hip swagger. Available as a digital download on all your favorite online music sites as well as a Limited Edition old school jewel cased CD. Solo El Malo is a part of a movement that forever unique and engaging, within this Universe. Said SEM: “The story about a friend i looked up to who lost his way. But it’s not all hopeless, I still believe he could be ‘Like a King’ once more.”

Impart – A Valid Excuse

Impart is a band with an arsenal for cleaning your pallet for music. Once listened, you’re slate is once again reverted back to basics. Aggression, contained, harmonic, thrashing – all that is needed to get you to that peak for realizing who you once was. Now again, realized. Impart is a new rock band out of Kansas City, Missouri. Drawing from a wide range of influences. With the best traditions of styles reminiscent of Karnivool, Breaking Benjamin, and Chevelle, and near guitar aesthetics of Iron Maiden and/or Queensryche’s vibrance. Their debut self titled EP received great local reception and earned them a spot opening for Light the Torch (Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage). The undercarriage of the band, exists to purge and it does that non-profit advocacy with succinct dynamics and thorough satisfaction, in ‘A Valid Excuse’. See them next @ Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club, January 17th, Kansas City Missouri.

Sandkamper – Egal, wo du bist

“This is the opener of my first EP ‘Narzissmus’,” stated Sandkamper. “It’s a song about love, identity and narcism as much as it is about hate, rejection and looking forward. All in all, it’s about getting a life.” Gritty, heavy, industrial, mangled – the chorded twists give you that beautifully dark vibrance from this invigorating rock offering. Maurizio Menendez is the man behind the project, Sandkamper, and in ‘Egal, wo du bist’, that guitar like you hear throughout song is ‘life itself’. It’s pang-ing with sizable gravity and never lets go as the whole song is a heaviness of rock that you want in your day to day. The Wolfsburg (Germany) originating solo project indelibly asks the right questions to the right order of what it is to be… human. And in this carcass of liquids, and sentiant attitudes, it’s hard to keep the manic confusions from taking hold. From this single, we think that perpetual fight, should be relished with exquisite anticipation. Word.

Manic Year – Good Kid

“What does it even mean to be ‘good?’. This hard-hitting pop-punk track explores one man’s struggle with identity, morality, and mental illness. We wanted to make a high-energy song that was cathartic for anyone who knows the frustration of trying to meet society’s expectations.” Three long-lost friends reunited this year to slam the instruments of their youth against a decade of misadventure. “Make it loud, they said. Make it fun. But — for fuck’s sake — make it honest. Brian, Danny, David. Just a pocketful of dudes and their solar-powered angst. No need to panic here. This will be my Manic Year.” ‘Good Kid’ is trying to be one, but always knowing that it’s a balance of becoming then evaluating to the ambitions of that horizon you’d wanted to grasp. In good and bad, philosophies can become an overbearing barrier to self-described success. And as we all know being successful is of your own desires that define it so. Manic Year wants us to be cats, light on our feet, doing good, but always nimble. Good thoughts, good vibes, pop punk to delight.


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