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The Skullers

The Skullers – Out Of The Garden

Bob Leggett, Indie Voice Blog / LA Music Critic “This time around they have evolved from their blues rock origins to become a band worthy of heavy rotation on Top 40 radio. We love every song on this EP, especially “She Denies Herself the Things she Loves” and “Out of the Garden.” Freight Trains & Party Games is the new EP from New Jersey based rockers The Skullers. And like the fabulous tradition of NJ pop rock, the shoegazy vibes shimmer with attitude and aptitude, as you’re swept away by its understated machismo and breadth. The Skullers have developed a local reputation for their dynamic live shows and powerful recordings. The band mixes the delightful levity that surrounds and makes it solid and textured, as they pour out of their musical moments.

Melody Machine – Frog Princess

Melody Machine is a Copenhagen based band just releasing their first EP including the singles ‘Keep On Dancing’ and ‘Frog Princess’. The tracks are produced in collaboration with Jon Bordon from the Swedish act Melody Club known from great hits such as Electric, Destiny Calling and The Hunter. Rasmus Svane (vocals / guitars), Abdi Hedayat (synth), and Johan makes up this dynamic new-wave/shoegazy indie-rock offering. The delightful vibes are supported by the 00’s vibes that are reminiscent of some of the best traditions of bands like Coldplay. Melody Machine is formed in 2013 with the debut live performance, at the Distortion Festival. The music is original energetic popmusic in and out of love with the eighties.

Lokomoko – Heavy Credence

The last song off of Lokomokos’ 2019 release “Go Mi Ka Di Da Be”. Shortly before life brought him to Brooklyn, songwriter Mario Schöning and his initial band finished the mini-album “Go Mi Ka Di Da Be” in his hometown Hamburg, Germany. Funky, chunky, guitar driven chocolate bar of hope and maybe some attitude. An attitude of engagement, ‘Heavy Credence’ invokes a tactile resurgence of decorum and bombastic whimsy that is central to the Lokomoko vibe. A multi colored invocation, never denying the listener of its fullest pleasure. Dig.

Mont Blvck – Trouble

LA production duo Mont Blvck released their brand new EP ‘Lost Tapes’. Lost Tapes is a raw and honest look at what’s beautiful about the ups and downs of the creative process: it took a robbery (resulting in the loss of 5 years of music projects) to show the group just how much they had actually written. “Lost Tapes” is a collection of the records that made it through the incident – a new growth emerging from the loss. Down and dirty; across and affront – the runway vibes of Mont Bluck is elementary and cosmic. A strip of the Universe lives in the lining of truths of ‘Trouble’, as the shimmer of your soul, casts righteousness to the winds.

dielines – Unfold

dielines is a Silver Lake, CA based band lead by singer/songwriter/guitarist Daniel Berkman along with longtime creative collaborator Trevor O’Neill (guitar/vocals). “We have all experienced the fleeting promise of new beginnings and the fear of disappointment that follows when they fail to withstand the weight of our expectations. Unfold was written about the period that lingers in the in-between like clinging to the dream like haze at the edge of consciousness to avoid the reality of the morning.” Forming in 2017, dielines released their debut EP, Deep Breaths, in December 2018. Berkman wrote the majority of songs while in the process of moving back to Los Angeles from a stint in Portland, OR following his graduation from UCLA Design School for Graphic Design. Brisk ending of solitude, bubble into existence. The beautiful hymns of ‘Unfold’ is a vase of goodness, filled to the brim with radical manifistation for freedom and dispersions alike.


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