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The Sunday Shift

THE SUNDAY SHIFT – Where The People Go

‘Where The People Go’ is the first single from the forthcoming ‘Home’ EP by The Sunday Shift. The Sunday Shift are a four-piece consisting of Josh Falconer, Matt Bradstreet, Arms Juarez and Tom Porter. Josh and Matt say of the EP: “It is a portrait of modern living, through a plethora of narratives. When the record was written we both lived in quite an isolated area on the outskirts of the city (which has since been rebuilt), away from the bustle but with all the characters it inevitably attracts. The EP attempts to capture the essence of those people”. They call themselves ‘Jangly Pessimists’. A sight-unseen, revelry for the opposite, the talented songwriters gather together to make us weirdly happy. Even in the solemn priorities of ‘Where the People Go’, the visage and dumpster tales, don’t discourage us from giving it a go with making big smiles at the song. It’s a contrasting vibe that is so beautiful in its own way, and perplexing, just the same. Either way, the song is fabulously jangly indeed, and fabulously fun. The gang in The Sunday Shift really knows how to make us dig, yo. Guess that’s a talent, as well, eh? Heck yes.

myk. – Warm Place

Featuring artist and friend of myk., Tyrer, ‘Warm Place’ is compatible with your existence. It slices and dices through the gleeful fog of your living being. A being of institutional complexities, dowsed with the utter contempt in self-assured mass destruction and maybe, a fading of the truth in love, you’d promised never to forget. It weaves and riddles into pompous glacial thrusts. The beats of hiphop pleasures, lux into the grandiose of chanting desires and overt assumptions of unfair play. Will this war of love, ever come to a peaceful end? There’s always a chance, eh? Michael Hodgson is the project myk. Get in.

Charlie Strange – Tearing It Up

This is the third release from Charlie Strange. Based in London, the elusive Charlie Strange immerses herself in the dream-pop world, whether this is through dark classical piano or up-beat synth pop. She writes songs about social issues and trying to place yourself in a world you don’t understand. Charlie’s a talented act of entourage notes and furtive scions de jour, as her vocals drift you off into that place of calm and affection. Her lyrics are decadent and resists the fabric of time, as it rips apart your personal wrangling. ‘Tearing It Up’, understands with witting revelry, and it is certain of its lyrical absolution. Charlie sings and soars in this key driven single. Charlie Strange is a project as a reflecting pool, where ripples of understated tones, color or in ‘un-color’. Fabulous, indeed.

Glen Osmond – Dream Future

Glen Osmond is Melbourne-based 20 year old multi-instrumentalist Alex Olle. A tale of lost love from a growing young man, Glen Osmond’s commitment to maximalist song production imbues Dream Future with an incandescent charm. An avid student of popular song and the diverse arrangements of the 1970’s, Glen Osmond seeks to maintain the explorative nature and uninhibited expression of that era through unconventional and expansive rock. With keys, vocals, guitars and drums all written and recorded by Glen Osmond within his small bedroom studio, limitation breeds creativity with his distinct sound.

Tan Sanders and the Derelicts – Another War

Tan Sanders and the Derelicts are an alt country band based out of Goldsboro, North Carolina. And in their own way, they make living, just a bit better. Let the lyrics seep into your emotional cracks. Let the song’s vibes irritate those nasty feeling of guilt, right out that front gate. Let Tan and the gang, make the future feel a bit better to meet, once again. This song is track number two on Tan Sanders and the Derelicts most recent album ‘Wretched Ole Freedom’ (available now). ‘Another War’ is of us, citizens, friends, family members, where the seriousness of bing in a free land like the U.S. should be fought in the front lines of politics and human decency. Power begets power, and the off-springs of abuse and neglect. Only remedies are available from the folks who live the everyday, in the every-town. So, let’s get together and work for the right of what we can offer our grand children. Tan and the gang, makes this chant for anthem, lovely and satisfying. Indeed.


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