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The Wires

The Wires – Underneath

Debut single from Melbourne band, The Wires. “Underneath builds around a crunchy, driving groove, that pulses and warps around frontman Benjamin Hoopers enigmatic vocals. Combining elements of neo-psychedelic rock with pop sensibility, the track highlights the Wires compositional cross between live jams and pop structures.” The Wires are a 5 piece alternative rock band hailing from Melbourne, combining elements of progressive, psychedelic and alternative rock. Debut LP, ‘Plastic Mask’, is a 7 track LP is laden with lucid synths, droning riffs and extended jams, drifting in and out of catchy melodic hooks. Pop and culture combine to make ‘Underneath’ a fab lineage of the album. The 5 piece consists of Ben Hooper, Christian Hendy, Tom Havea, Nick Wilson and James Nash. See this new and dynamic band next @ The Leadbeater Hotel, Richmond Victoria on December 20th.

Sir William Rooster – You Are Fake

“This song is about people being fake in all kind of life situation. The video tells the story about plastic pollution and the hype behind it.” Fake it till you profoundly cause irreparable damage to the world. That’s it. That’s the ticket, said the man and woman who don’t care about the footprint we reside. We’re fake then for ignoring the signs, no? SWR is calling out the vanity and conflict with that assumption. And within all of us, we’re all, to a degree, very damningly guilty. So, what will you do about it? Let’s move forward and move our expectation past just 1 year. The future is decades forward. We all need to come together. Get into the industrial pop goodness of SWR.

Will Brown – Birthday Punches

Twenty-four year old, Will Brown, is a lover of lo fi music and mentality, released his home recorded debut EP ‘No Relief’. On ‘No Relief’ Brown blended together elements of psychedelia, shoegaze, rock, funk, soul and hip hop. The largely instrumental release was scattered with various soundbites and bookended by two pop style songs. But with his new single, ‘Birthday Punches’, Will utilizes homemade drum loops, and fuzzed out instrumentation and vocals to take the listeners ears on a 2 minute sprint juxtaposed with sentimental but vague lyrics. Vague but true, indeed. The vibe lives. Look for his full length release in early 2020.

Terra Cessna – Captain Onslaught

Part of a 5 track EP, “‘Captain Onslaught’ documents the misunderstanding of how difficult it can be to get people physically together in the modern world. Excuses are rife; maybe people connect in the virtual world too easily.” London baed, Sam’s production process is a labour of love, where hours of feeding stems through tape machines, outboard effects, amps, pedals and saturators fed further into his musical ambitions. ‘Captain Onslaught’ is a result in lo-fi and nostalgic predicaments. A shoegaze inspired gamut of collages, clarify the hinges of musings and catapult Sam’s love of vision and groovy psychedelics.

SoSoSorry – In Ecstasy

“Losing someone is one of the most difficult parts of life especially if you are not there to see them go,” stated SoSoSorry (Sean Levine). “This song is about dealing with the thought that when I came home my grandmother wouldn’t remember who I was or if she was even going to even be there to say hello. Constantly thinking about how I should have spent more time with her and having this guilt. This song is about relieving that guilt and being happy with life decisions.” Performer, cinematographer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and engineer, Sean delivers with beautiful talent and meaningful gumption within ‘In Ecstasy’. A calling for the vapid, and a calling for the brutality of life for emotions crumbled – Sean sits at the edge of the crashing shores and ponders with ample viscosity in philosophical attention. Sean’s solitary vocals, makes this a trip, not to be missed.


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