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Throne of Saturn

Throne of Saturn – Neuromancer

Providence, Rhode Island originating band Throne Of Saturn is something else. ‘Neuromancer’ is something else. It sings with vigor. It grunts with angst. It riots with fire. And as the song is propelled into another atmosphere, you just can’t help but get the feeling it was meant to be. The drums, isolating the bass, delivering the roar of the vocals – all comes to a palpitating anticipation and cylindrically diabolical rumination. Throne Of Saturn is made up of talents, Brian Huffman, Chris Devona, Derek Medina, Dom Carnasciale, and Matt Smith. And the band takes the best traditions of theatrical and operatic rock, and metal elements, that just vibe with color and indelible excitement. The classic hard-rock construction is just fantastic. Their latest LP ‘The Great Betrayal’ is such fun heaviness, it might make you head-bang in gladness.

Kamilita – Step To It, Soldier

Off of her latest LP, ‘Pure’, comes this dainty but mighty off-the-wall color of single ‘Step To It, Soldier’. Deep to the knee cap, full of living possibilities, the neon r&b/pop casting, delivers with unperturbed deliciousness and tease. Elusive and enigmatic, she does not like attention drawn to her private life and would rather you experienced her presence – which is the presence of all things – through her music. She holds nothing back. Cry with her, laugh with her, roll your eyes with her. You are one with her.

Lazy Bones – Barcelona Graphics

‘Barcelona Graphics’ is about being worn down by an unrequited love that is growing ever more taxing. Lazy Bones was formed in early 2017 when songwriters Sam Stein and Brendan Olivieri met drummer Caleb Matheson while studying music at Ithaca College in upstate New York. This is Brendan’s first songwriting contribution since 2018’s ‘Existential Crisis, and this is Lazy Bones’ sparsest and most organic sounding track so far. Caleb Matheson, Brendan Olivieri, Sam Stein, and Jake Mittelman make up Lazy Bones. See their woozy goodness next @ Our Wicked Lady, Brooklyn on January 12th.

Sketchy Lines – Cornerstore

Singer-songwriter Fredrik Kjellman returns with a bit of pep for your step. The Americana pop vibe that is of ‘Cornerstone’ is a sentimental story of possibilities and bluesy hunt for the little recognitions that matter so much in our lives. “Like the best traditions of 70’s classic rock ballads of self introspection and profound exclamations”, Fredrik’s vibrant attention to affections come to life in his organic production and lively instrumental contention for betterment. An anthem of sorts, ‘Cornerstone’ is delightful. His latest album ‘Follow Me Around’ is out now.

Morningbird – Do It Again

‘Do It Again’ serves to document the fragile ways in which we may cope with hardship in order to keep ourselves together. Masked with a cheerful melody and production, the singer appears blissfully ignorant, recounting long bus rides along the eastern seaboard and petty fights which are driving a wedge into a long-distance relationship. “Do It Again” chronicles the subject’s unravelling mind through to conclusion. In following this story, Morningbird aim to point a spotlight at how difficult it can be to admit to ourselves when we are wrong, and hope to highlight how we can empower ourselves by doing so. Morningbird is a five-piece alternative rock band hailing from various parts of the world that came together in Boston, MA. The Boston, MA originating 5 piece blends the aesthetic into the fold of indie-rock/pop, successfully and deliciously. The alt-rock band is an infectious offering of a beautiful reminiscence from the past that you’d forgotten, because of the chaos of life.


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