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Vealy / Photo: @musiy

Vealy – Mama’s Song

Vealy is incredible. Though her story, up to know, is identifiably distinct and unique to her only, it sums up a macro visual of how so many sacrifice to be in the arts. This incredibly talented singer/songwriter, made up of soul and vibrance and uncanny determination, moved to Los Angeles, to seek her dreams as a pop artist. She’s done that. But accepts the consequences of being poor at times, uncertain of the future, and tired of the slight disappointments of going back and forth to her former profession, just to make ends meet. Vealy is here though. With unmitigated attitude for life, she’s still here, making music – and then some. Her soulful crushing from her vocals to her effervescent charm in ‘Mama’s Song’, delivers with vast punch and appeal, as the smiling gal with the, still, indestructible will to succeed in the world of music holds you to it. If this is how it’ll be for the rest of her life. As long as she can keep one leg inside the music she longs for and adores, she’ll take it. We think Vealy’s on a road more special, and will be making many a hearts happy with joy, every time she sings for them, on and off stage. Look for more from this up and comer.

Kenza – Fool For You

“Fool For You is Kenza’s second single with a lot more to come! It is not just a typical love song, it describes the feeling of being completely head over heels for a person and the difficulty to let go of these emotions, even if it is the more logical decision.” Morocco born and then bred in Los Angeles, the calming vibes of ‘Fool For You’ cleanses your pallet for the betterment of life that is to come. A conciliatory and tactical menace of charm and tone, Kenza beautifully delivers tinges of ol’ school r&b/pop attentions with the vibrant rise and fall of her vocal talents.

Constance – Work Hard

Constance is an artist of feeling, shedding light through her raw and emotional lyricism exploring heartbreak, love, and loss. ‘Work Hard’ is the second single from the artist. With smooth electronic production and vocals this song is sure to keep you warm this holiday season. Constance is formally know for her work in the electro-pop band NÉONHÈART. Cutting through the line of bureaucracy, the delicate signs of being left at the alter – of love and its constituents – mellowed her expectations. But it was too hard not to look forward. He couldn’t get her down. She must rise, through the hurt, the pain, the anxious moments. “Open your eyes, and live as you would have… without him.” Contrasts in human emotions. Delicious.

Greta Thumper – Wiggy Wiggy

Ol’ school vibes. Modern attitudes. Greta Thumper’s ‘Wiggy Wiggy’ is exciting, direct, perpetual, and longs for you to throw those headphones on and dance to the beat. Heady bass, expanding horizons, combine to make this single a surprise charmer and a refreshing addition to the universe. Dynamically and simply Greta added: “I enjoyed listening Drum n’ Bass music back in the day. I wanted to produce a modern pop song that has some of these old school dnb elements added.” Mission accomplished.

Løv Li – Sorry

“My latest track just got featured on “New Music Friday Sweden” which I had never expected! This is my followup single about a loved one who passed away.” We’d said of Løv Li: “Crafted with thought and ambition, the subtle slopes and gliding of the rolling hills, are obvious in Løv Li’s sound. Caress-able in lust.” Beautiful in all his ways, ‘Sorry’ is a tragedy, tamped down into submission with utter salinity and a juxtaposition to live and to thrive. Will there be chances to have both available? Will there be a chance that you’ll be with me once again? Will we ever exist again, in the same realm? The same space and of time? Who knows. But one thing always be there for you. The undying love and affection for you, your thoughts, your being, your silhouette of existence. For there is no me, without you. Romance, defined again by Løv Li.

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