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Amy Paige and Carly Durand. Meet the audience. Audience, listen to their single ‘Witches’ and dance. Dance like the 80’s glamor boys and gals that you know you can be. The styles evoked by the Brooklyn duo, teases with fabulously stamped reverbs, drum machine vibes, and the binding rhythms that gets you smilin’. Look for their latest single of ‘Dead Weight’ as well.

Jillian Steele – Ex In The City

“The story behind this song is.. my friend/song-sister Claire Carruthers and I started re-watching ‘Sex and The City’ and thought that the idea ‘ex in the city’ for a song would be rad and super relatable for anyone who lives somewhere in close proximity with an ex after a breakup and the challenges that come along with doing so!! written in Nashville with JohnLuke Lewis about an ex who lives a little too close.” Why do ex’s get to us so much? Should be easier than it really is, right? But it’s never that easy. Nor clean cut. It’s segment of life that will always be of that nature. At least it inspires inspirations like ‘Ex In The City’. Lovely vocals. Lovely charm. Doesn’t get old with Jillian.

Ruddie Miller (루디밀러) – Day Off (Feat. Bully Da Ba$tard)

“My home is not a place, it is people…I miss my family.” Off of his LP ‘Station’, Ruddie makes it clear that it’s music that is making it easier to bear this burden of separation from what he adores most in this world. A travel down the road of glitter, you get up from the desk of piled up work, and just dance as you’d always wanted. Down the hall. Down to the park lot. In the car. And you drive. As the dark night sky, skips through the street lights of city and delusions, you continue to dance to ‘Day Off’. It was the right decision. The KPop delivery is thick and welcome, as the song captures you in its palms. Look for more from Ruddie.

Rx Soul x Elijah Hill – 3 Nights

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, rx Soul has been fascinated with storytelling from a young age. “We were messing around at Elijah’s studio in LA when he played me this beat… I started singing 3 Nights over it, half jokingly, but it worked so well we couldn’t shake the feeling we were onto something. We both love the original so we had a blast making this.” Kind of a staple for us, rx Soul, is a talented artist with the stuff to contend with anything that may come his way. Delivers once again with ‘3 Nights’.

Rompala Flamand – Dancing Too Close to the Sun

“In a romantic and musical partnership for nearly five years, for us, this song is as fictional as it is anecdotal. The verses suggest the imaginary end of a relationship describing the sadness and cold feelings that come along with that experience… Taking the sun to mean beauty and goodness we have danced too close to it “lights so bright that we lost sight” when we were “lively and hopeful and young.” The melody mirrors the lyrical duality of warmth and coldness through a sparse yet lush arrangement.” Jeremy Rompala and Jessica Flamand met in New York City. And everything, it seems to us, that they touch and do is out of utter love for each other and the world they inhabit. The vocals to the arrangements in this single, overflows with the outpouring positivity that the duo exudes. It just can’t be helped, and you just can’t resist feeling the love. Lovely.


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