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Virgins at Heart

Virgins at Heart – Miseryproof

Virgins at Heart is a Stockholm based indie-pop band that have been playing together since the very early 2000s. The group consists of band members: Gustav Rosén (bass, vocals), Anders Nordström(guitars, vocals), Johan Bjurling(keys, vocals), Jonas Tyrestad (drums, vocals). In 2016 the debut album ‘2 2 Tango’ was released. “This is quite an aggressive song with a dark undertone. The lead voice has been heavily distorted to emphasise the distressed lyrics.” The boundless drive of ‘Miseryproof’ is the essence of what our day-to-day life feeds upon. A soylent mash of proteins, garnered by the usurping decadence of bosses and their bosses. The underlings of life and death, do their best in might, to stave off the scourge of the world without. The MUSE like grit is within the teeth of this single, and as it slurps into the cracks of your being, you write in horror and servile content. Contrasts in vibes, indeed.

Pelvis Wrestley – Susanna

Pelvis Wrestley combines glam senselessness and country sensibility. Songwriter Benjamin Violet partnered with Santiago Dietche (Daphne Tunes), Sarah Schultz (Sun June), Behnam Arzaghi, and Hannah McVay in the Fall of 2018 and has quickly become a staple of the Austin music community. They are working toward their debut LP, ‘Vortexas Vorever’, coming in 2020. See them next @ Swan Dive, Austin Texas December 21st.


‘PATRICIA’ is the second single from South Wales Alt Rockers WYNT. WYNT are up and comers, a new band already making big waves on the South Wales music scene. The name is inspired by the 300-year-old Billy Wynt that overlooks the villages in which the members currently reside and displays part of the heritage. What interested them the most was the tower’s mysterious and elusive history despite its long existence.

Dust of Us – Hunt in Packs

Brothers Ed and Lloyd Prescott, are Dust Of Us. “Co-produced and mixed by Matt Neighbour (The Avalanches, Courtney Barnett, Matt Corby), ‘Hunt in Packs’ is about childhood nostalgia and trying to hold on (perhaps in vain) to the sense of wonderment you have when you’re really young.” Gorgeous walk between gorges of emotions and reality, the fulfilling vibes of ‘Hunt In Packs’ realizes your longings and brings sentimentality in shimmering and glittering soundscapes. The harmonic dance of vocals between the siblings, encapsulate the gentility of feelings reveal where our childlike desires for the past and its glories reside. Our grown up revelries count down to return to our most valued sliver of time. Beautiful single from Dust of Us.

Distant Tide – Tapeknock

“The brooding outcrops of Daniel Griffith’s vocals, encapsulate with the opportunity to rip apart the membrane of what toils inside.” The tiptronic, austentaciousness of Distant Tide is the crux of the charm. With Daniel’s aesthetics, bring that exact charm, full circle and in maximum. The looping surf-rock vibes, in ‘Tapeknock’ is expertly presented, as the gauzy prominence of the dark and brooding, never leaves your side. In this interpretation, the dance is absolute. And when it begins, you must pulp your way into the heart of the one you deem desirous, as you tip toe and make that final decision. Before it’s too late, of course.


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