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Vvarren – 28 Paradises

“This track tells the story of entering an entirely new dimension of reality, in the form of an imaginary world,” said Vvarren. Named after the short story about 28 paintings of paradise, with each work depicting an impossibly beautiful and natural paradise. “The sounds I make are uniquely Vvarren, and you will soon discover what I mean. ‘Dunedin Sounds’, my debut album, is a bit all over the place but in a fun way. From the ambient track sharing the name of the album to my collaboration with singer Inmar, there’s something for everyone on the record.” It’s the succumbing vibes that Vvarren brings, that makes thing so true, in this single. It’s a look at the words and phrases, and the ultimate picture-in-frame that the signatures of novel impacts can depict. It’s the delirious schisms in manic emotions that such connection with a new world.

Easy Jane – Plan B

Belgian Rock tainted with middle east vibes. Debut album ‘Manic Mood’ was composed and developed by a solo member and supported by Lebanese and Syrian rockers, to make it happen. Oh and how rockin’ it is. The rip roaring drums, to the classic rock arrangements, are of the 70’s and 80’s that will get the sexy back in your life. Recorded in Beirut at the Brain studio, the vocals of Easy Jane is just gargantuan and resonates with gritty riffs and power chords. INXS, Motley Crue, Guns n Roses, Pink Floyd – you name it, the skillz and tact in this album is fabulous to witness.

Valerie paige – Louisiana Blues

Valerie’s aim for this single was to see if she can touch the hearts of her fans. And from all accounts, ‘Louisian Blues’ is a fabulous classic/psyche rock ballad that offers so many of the expected elements while adding the triumphant vocal attributes of Valerie. The song is deliberate and while it moves forward in gracious chunks of lyrical story telling, it slowly consumes you, bit by bit. With Valeries consequential vocals, delivering angst and feverish victories, the raw and minimal acoustics frame with arctic purity and vibes. Control from Valerie’s voice, amplifies to full effect and manages to bring the core of the song to an enduring embrace. Mission accomplished, Valerie.

The Boastfuls – Tequila

The Boastfuls’ in-your-face rock anthem, “Tequila,” is the bands first venture into original music. It was recorded at Goat Lair Studio in the Poconos with famed drummer Zhach Kelsch (ajar, Fighting Zero, DIVE, Modern Lux) serving as engineer and producer. Joe Loftus at JL Studios was then enlisted to mixed and master the song. The influence of bands like Muse, Royal Blood and Nothing But Thieves can be felt, but the group manages to carve out their own unique style on their first venture. It’s the way to do so. The Boastfuls’ way. Hard, kickin’, ever so decadent, the vocals driving and hitting all its marks, the throbbing thrust of the song satisfies to the n’th degree. Now that is a good time. See the band next @ Smoke Rings Cigar Bar, Hazleton, Pennsylvania on February 8th. They’re busy. And for a dang good reason, too.

Twodor – Crude Oil

“‘Crude Oil’ is an honest song that touches on the existential anxiety a lot of people from my generation are feeling with regard to climate change, the political climate, and the direction we’re heading in as a species.” Twodor is a Montreal-based pop android created in a laboratory that has never made it outside. Oh he jests. He’s been outside. Through his music, yo. And when he does, it’s a sight and audible experience that is tantalizing to witness. Capturing the moods successfully, this single delivers with focused thrusts, utilizing its understated ambience and gentle aperture for looking into the positives of life. Yes, there are troubles up ahead, but you get a sense that the narrative of ‘Crude Oil’ is such that there is already confidence in our convictions to make things better and better. It’s Twodor’s wish. We’ll see if it comes true.


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