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We Will Kaleid

We Will Kaleid – Karyon

Following their debut album ‘A Shape of Fading’, german Art Pop duo We Will Kaleid released the video for its single ‘Karyon’. The song gives the glimpse of an idea what it’s like to grow up under unsettling circumstances. It’s a song about the liberation and power that resolves from the choice to never return. Jasmina de Boer and Lukas Streich continue to strive further into their own sonority, carving it with reductive, yet multifarious fragments of beats and vocals, digitally enhanced and perched on a foundation of analog synthesizer fragments. All of the pleasures of visceral antithesis. The grating penetration of profound countenance and deliverance. A future without the past, never level in the columns of anguish and burning desires. We suffer. We live. We thrive. ‘Karyon’ is a burdansome subject of horrors and beauty of us. Of life. See WWK next @ KaterBlau, Berlin Decebmer 12th.

TYGERMYLK – I Killed the Bees

Brighton-based indie-folk duo TYGERMYLK title track from their upcoming EP. Hayley Harland and Aurora Bennett leads this indie band of subtle changes and whispy lyrical inheritance and adjust-abilities. Hayley said: “I had a dream where this hive full of bees were my children (much like Khaleesi, mother of dragons but less glam) and I killed them all by eating too much honey. It was so real that I woke up in tears, full of regret. It’s kind of a perfect allegory for what’s going on with our planet, how our consumer culture is wrecking the beautiful world we live in. At the time I felt hopeless, like no matter what choices I make, no matter how many bags for life I use, we’d still all be fucked… but that’s not true of course. The truth is, we’re all responsible for what happens next and the point of the song is to highlight our hypocrisies and galvanise people into real change.” Through the wormhole, the perspectives evolve into a surge of certainties. Will you evolve?

Superheart – Heaven’s In Your Head

London based Superheart has won the hearts of many with his self-proclaimed “anti-gravity” sound that takes you out of your head and enables you to get lost in the music. Superheart released his Opening Credits EP earlier this year which has garnered praise from the masses. “When I was 5, I sang on a cover of “A Horse With No Name” that my dad was recording at Abbey Road Studios and was paid with a penguin bar. I thought that meant that must be what you did when you were older so that’s all I’ve been trying to do since.” The London based artist specializes in experimental sounds, wicked in signature, and fulfilling to the last bite of that glorious anthem of vibe. Wanting to get away is part of each and every one of our human desires, that never really goes away. After we’ve become adult in age, this part of us never ceases to diminish. It just increases in frequency and intensity.

Detox From Grey – The Journeys You Never Took

Only you can hear their sound. Their bounce. Their decade. Their concoction for the decadent, expressive moves. The grooving shine of Detox From Grey’s single ‘The Journeys You Never Took’ is a beautiful resistance to a destination that will be – a part of your destiny of being – sight beyond sight of normality and dimension. The new wave vibes of this single from the dynamic vibes of the band, settles nothing but questions of countenance and riveting undercurrents. The vocals on ‘The Journeys You Never Took’ is typical of the band and its fragrance of floral synth works and accordingly acrimonious tidings of the notes. A virtual invitation to love and be held, the song closes on its prey of emotions, then lends a helping hand to support and be that friend you’d always needed.

Hello Ocean – No One But Me

“When you’ve been knocked down, you either succumb to being a victim, or learn to stand your ground,” said Stina Svensson. “‘No One But Me’ is about listening to your needs, following your dreams, standing up for yourself, and not letting anyone stand in your way. It’s my fight song. It empowers me, and I hope it will empower others. “No One But Me” helped me to get out, and stay out, of a toxic relationship. I had foolishly looked to someone to carry me, just to realize the only person who can take me where I need to be is ME.” Lessons of predetermined notions, callously block the visions of what is really in front of you. The STRENGTH was within, all along. You were the one to do all of this, and will be the only dependable rock that will carry each day. Forward. Upwards. But ‘No One But Me’ is about the regrets of that fact of life that we’d not wished to be true. The loneliness of the lonesome warrior, is ALL of us. Hello Ocean seductively explains, with beautiful vibes that we needed.


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