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FIVE // Will Samson : DYVR : Mari Dangerfield : Gram Ash : The Sarandons

Will Samson / Photo: Desiree Rousseau

Will Samson – Beyond the Dust

For some time, following the death of his father in 2012, the British musician had suffered from mild PTSD, unable to process the grief provoked by the sudden nature of his passing, but it took him several years before he felt confident enough to explore the possibilities this popular compound was said to offer. Finally, he and his girlfriend retreated to the countryside for a day, and Paralanguage seeks to emulate that experience. Will Samson delivers with beautiful sentiments as he puts forth what will entail in his new LP ‘Paralanguage’. This is his 5th album, and as ever, the intelligence and strength flows though like rivers from the mountains. “The starting point for Ochre Alps was a dream. In it, I found myself stuck half way up a mountain, with my foot lodged deep in the snow. I looked up into the distance to see other climbers reaching the top and below me was a long descent back down… The lyrics that made their way onto the final song were written after a gentle psilocybin journey in the countryside, which naturally eased its way into the song, thematically blending with the mountain dream.”

DYVR – Louder

Indie-electro artist DYVR returns with another ethereal offering with ‘Louder’. Louder once again showcases DYVR’s unique ability to defy genre. His distinctive falsetto soars effortlessly over the majestic musicality, feeling instantly reminiscent of the likes of Sampha or James Blake. “a lot of the community is under pressure to be sexually promiscuous. Sex is often treated transactionally and short term validation is currency to be traded… Louder is about how we trivialise connections with people in order to maintain our queer identity”. Louder is the second track from DYVR’s forthcoming EP, ‘Part Two’.

Mari Dangerfield – Enough

Mari Dangerfield is particularly inspired by musical theatre’s chord progressions and strong instrumental and vocal hooks. Mari is an Anglo-Portuguese alternative pop artist from London, UK. Her work sits in between the 7th dimension and your mind. Her quirky presentation, turns into a beautifully consumable pop song that settles down to a ride down that favorite creek within your heart. She delicately amasses your heart’s desire, then caresses it with warm empathy and acceptance. ‘Enough’ is the filtrated clarity of you and your personal misgivings, adjusting to the world at hand, the best as you can. And that is happiness, within itself. Mari approves.

Gram Ash – Vanity

Off of ‘Mirrors’ album, comes Gram Ash’s decadently odd and shimmer. A coaxing of 70’s pop and bellbottom debutante, ‘Vanity’ is a sliver of jam that gets the best of your senses. You sign on board the trains of no return, but notice you have the stubs for return time of 14:30. “Odd…” you thought to yourself. But you sat down to your seating, all the same. As the bass slowly messages your body full of relaxation, the visible colors of reality morph into a selection of rhythms and iridescence. In a small bedroom, somewhere in the suburbs of Nashville, armed with a laptop and surrounded by synths, guitars and a drum kit 20 year old Wyatt Whit crafts the musical ideas that become Gram Ash. Gram is it. Let’s dig.

The Sarandons – Worse or for Better

The catchy chorus channels the deep yet almost relieving reflection toward a sense of resignation conducted throughout the whole track and expressed both through the lyrics guitar riffs. It comes very easy to imagine yourself figuratively and metaphorically ‘on the road’, whether the pathway is truly asphalted or just an inner one. Wilco, The Band, Kurt Vile, Dr Dog, Dylan and The War on Drugs are some of the influences that coarse through their musical veins. And when you listen, that good home cookin’ vibe and talent surge through the Americana-rock goodness that is apparent. From honest vocals to the jammin’ instrumentals, The Sarandons’ deliver with fab energy and intimacy. See them next @ Cafe Dekcuf, Ottawa Ontario December 20th.


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