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WiseTale – Wait

After serving in the USAF (and completing a tour in Bosnia), WiseTale found himself to be an integral part of the underground jazz scene in Atlanta, GA, starting up the vital “Sounds of the Underground” at Elliot Street Deli & Pub, playing the Atlanta Jazz Festival, touring for over a year with avant-garde jazz pioneer Col. In his life, as Jacob Deaton tells it: “I had the overwhelming feeling that if I didn’t move I would never experience life.” The substance of it all, never are forgotten by the fact of what Jacob witnessed and felt. Unlike normal mortals, the wisps and dynamics of living experiences comes to him as forms of music and sounds and emotional glimpses in color. ‘Wait’ is another one of his latest penetrating singles. It is a demonstration of WiseTale’s talents, combining the best glimpses of KEANE, Chicago, Air Supply, Alan Parson’s Project, the decadent dance of dark and sweet and light and corrosive, melt into a dynamic explosion in subtle admonition. A beautiful interpretation in sight, and of heart.

JS Williams – My Name is December

JS Williams has played an important role in music both in Montreal and internationally with his remarkable work as a composer, guitarist and musician. ‘My Name Is December’ is from his latest LP, ‘From A Plane’ (out now). And it is “about loneliness and loss during the holiday season.” We all have those times. One holiday season is glorious. The next, it’s just a time of lonesomeness and isolation. Might be just in you mind. Just might be because of a relationship, or the recent destruction of one. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, even if you don’t want to admit it or not. Just doesn’t feel good, at the moment. That’s all. JS is cheering you on with ‘My Name Is December’. The month is a returning friend, every year. It is friend nor foe. It’s just whatever you’d like it to be. Let’s make it a good thing, once more. See JS next @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal supporting Francesca Blanchard (another fab artist).

boerd – Before We Drown Ft. Stella Explorer

‘Before We Drown’ features fellow Swede, Stella Explorer, on vocals. And the cylindrical encapsulation in guitar and progression, works like crazy in this offering. A tight production of emotions, ride the rails of unexpected story telling, into the tunnel of and for love. A crash of delight and palpitating angst, anxiously work up the courage to divide the tragedy, and then conquer with tears and sweat. Off of boerd (Bård Ericson) latest LP ‘Misplaced’, the fabulously driven single is delicately placed and defined by the voice and expressions of Stella. Bård stated: “Last summer I recorded guitar, bass and drums for this song in my family’s summer house up in the woods of northern Sweden. I thought the track sounded more like it was played by a real band than my music usually does, which is a direction I’m exploring more and more – less electronic sounds and more “real” instruments. After the instrumental was finished, I tried some different vocals on it – some samples I had on my computer, and I also recorded a couple of versions with my own voice.” With milky smooth vibes to her grounded vocals, Stella was the right choice for this song. Indeed.

Joe by the Book – Sleep

Joe by the Book are a Leeds based outfit pulling influences from Indie Rock and Chicano Soul. With their debut release ‘100 Years’ they explore ego, family relationships, trauma and solitude all with a level of fictional detachment that pulls you into their world. “‘Sleep’ is about a plague of insomnia infecting a whole group of people and the more they stay awake the more they start to lose their minds.” What a way to think. What a way to describe the soul of yourself. What a way to express with all of the private trepidations, put aside. The deliciousness of Joe by the Book is its groove, it’s storytelling of tragedy, and gruesomely handsome vitality. Can’t get away from the vibe. And as the 60’s vibes tickle and tackle your senses, you dream away, into LALA land of your choice with a full continental breakfast awaiting your wakefulness. Upcoming LP ‘100 Years’ drops January 20th, 2020.

rpllnt – Better by Nines

Snappy drums, chiming guitars and deep round bass support a direct and raw melodic vocal. Sort of like if Graham Nash and Jay Mascis started a band with the Pixies rhythm section. That’s right. Ya heard. And just like the best tradition of those bands, rpllnt, takes us on a plentiful trip of smiles and caressing goodness in ‘Better by Nines’. The band is made of Aaron, Sean, John, and Heather. They complete this circle and makes life better and much more fun-ner. It’s no doubt and as your day to day grind drips down from your shoulders, you rock and roll with the best of rpllnt. That’s what they do. That’s what they love to do. The Brooklyn based band feels it and you will too.


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