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Said WUGO: “It’s the idea of an romance that we touch only too well but that we know essential. Another night of debauchery to walk this hectic street of Angers. Bressigny, where we met you. You for whom the French language had many secrets. That night, Grégoire and I came home with the tormented spirit, your voice was still vibrating in us & I needed to write, put you in music, make you shine. Ten years have passed. While I’m looking, he finally found you.” Whew. Intensity to the max in them words, right? And with ‘GRACE’, the musical prescience is delectable and it pumps into new heights as the vocal keep you high in delight. There’s something very naughty and visceral in ‘GRACE’. A French film with the right amount of sexual haste and tension, is packed into the realms of this single. It gets us riled up, in all of the right ways. A feeling that is very much a welcome to the every-day. Bravo. As the vibes settle down by the end of the song, you’re left with an indelible stamp of approval and angst for what’s next. Guess WUGO did this by design, eh? Kudos.

Haley Sullivan – Opinion

Tight and swashbuckling-ly fragrant – Haley Sullivan’s single should get your ears’ attention again, as the ultra hooky offering of ‘opinion’ is expertly presented. Shine and spice, and everything that is nice, is gathered in this holy matrimony of a single and music video to tease and prod. You just don’t know what’s come over you. But the result is the same. You’d been hooked by ‘Opinion’. Get in. Haley wants to talk some smack with you. ‘Opinion’ was co-produced & co-written by Maejor, who has previously received a Grammy nomination for his work on the notorious Justin Bieber ‘Purpose’ album. In the music video for ‘Opinion’ Tana Mongeau, the widely controversial Internet star is seen driving the car with Haley on the passenger side. Word.

SNOOW – 2020

“We wanted to encapsulate the “millennial state of mind”, 2019 as a whole and what it did to our brains. 2020 is not only a year but an expletive for whatever comes before it.” So, we can say that ‘2020’ is a beckoning song that wants a ‘promise’ from the upcoming year. Does SNOOW want something different from 2020? Or does the gloriously realistic vibes expect something similar to the year prior? But ultimately, would the little creatures living on the surface of the earth, care? Or when things change, things will just stay the same? So many questions, and so little time, yo. We get it, SNOOW. Kudos. And when put into this syrupy soup of pop goodness – it’s even better. Yum. Look for more from this interesting and colorful Stockholm duo of Richard Cirulis and David Erlandsson. Your move, 2020. Your move.

Kate Vogel – The Cycle

“13 years of child abuse. Trauma is passed down from generation to generation until someone decides to heal. I decided that I’m going to be the last one in the bloodline. The cycle ends with me.”
Kate Vogel’s debut single ‘Reasons to Stay’ was a return to her joy of singing, after many years were stolen from her by acts of abuse by another. In an interview with Monica Moser, Kate said: “So much of my life and happiness was stolen from me. I thought I would live and die without ever seeing my songs recorded, and this is what I am referring to in the lines ‘put myself in a box that I’d never be someone I’m proud of.’” Confusion, in self doubt, mixed with the instinct to go on, made her life in Nashville, a personal hell. The life should have been the most joyful of her early life. But it didn’t turn out that way. But from the #MeToo movement, something clicked in her heart, to make her decide not to be shackled by the fear she’d felt for a long, long time. “I don’t feel strong or brave or vulnerable putting this song out, I just feel relieved. I’m so relieved that it can finally be on a medium to reach whoever needs it. This was the first song I knew I could not keep to myself. It belongs to anyone who needs hope and a reminder that the beauty will outweigh the pain.” Singing has now become a way to heal. Kate has arrived, once more, to offer us song and hopeful joy.

ZEDSU – love lies when lust dies

If you dig a bit, it’s a very compelling, none-obtrusive vision for a song – from an artist – from the depths of a soul. Feeling superficial is a conduit to those deeper meanings of life. ZEDSU’s refreshing interpretations continue in this latest. The New Jersey native has began to make quite the buzz for himself in the underground hip-hop world. His versatility weighs on the mind of his counterparts, making him an intimidating artist on the rise with one agenda, curing the global epidemic. Emotive and delightfully aromatic, the artist colorfully mutes the vibes of love, loss, and everything in between, in a neat and soluble packet. It’s a trip.


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